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What happens when you need the help of a private investigator to find answers for a personal problem or even a corporate one? Our private investigation services are widely regarded as the most reputable and accurate. Our investigators are fully certified, trained, and prepared to deliver you the answers you seek as well as peace of mind. We are known for focusing on integrity, security, consistency, and protecting your privacy. Our agency is here to deliver the best private investigative services to individuals, corporations, and other businesses of eastern Ontario.

Our investigative services involve corporate investigations including employee theft and fraud, insurance litigation cases, trademark and risk management investigations, as well as comprehensive research into skip tracing, background checks and more. With many years of expert experience in conducting individual and corporate investigations and monitoring the behaviour of everyone from cheating spouses to employees, we are the leading investigative agency in Canada.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

As a business in Kingston, you need to monitor any suspicious and concerning behaviour of your employees to avoid potential threats and to remain successful. In our experience, 3 out of 5 workplace injury cases turned out to be fraudulent. It is easy to protect your organization with the help of our skilled private investigators. We can investigate any incident that caught your attention, go undercover, or conduct witness statement-interviews. Our team can help you minimize threats and risks and protect your brand through surveillance and investigative research. Armed with many years of expertise, knowledge, and reach, our Kingston private investigators will keep your business safe. We have helped prevent future workplace injuries, eliminate employee theft, identify narcotics abuse while at work, and find the root of many other problems such as harassment, excessive absenteeism, vandalism, and other misconducts. We will find the source of the issue, present our findings to you, so you can take action needed and potentially save thousands. Call us for a consultation!

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Family Investigations

Your family is one of the most important things in your life, and their wellbeing is your priority. We complete investigations to help you with family issues like child custody, matrimonial conflicts, wellness checks on elderly family members, and more. Our Kingston Private Investigators can find the answers you seek whether you are concerned about a cheating spouse or cannot locate a relative. Our surveillance services can help you track a risky teenager, or ensure your elderly parents are cared for appropriately. If you plan on attending court, for a custody battle, for example, our comprehensive reporting and video evidence collection will aid in your case. If you are not going to court but want proof of your spouse cheating to see if your concerns are true, we will find the answers to confirm your suspicions or make them go away. We are here to help you keep your family safe. Call for a free consultation!

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

As major cities in Canada continue to grow in population, the demand for private investigative services has increased. We’ve seen an increased need for such services in Kingston, especially in the last 5 years. The background checks we do are a vital part of ensuring this growth is healthy so that employers and landlords can verify that who they are dealing with are adequate and honest people. In relationships, it’s a must to know that the person you are bringing around your children or are planning to marry does not have a secret agenda. In Kingston, a full and comprehensive background check should be on everyone’s to-do list before making a commitment to someone — there have been way too many horror stories that could have been easily avoidable. In Kingston, we complete background checks that analyze a person’s financial stability, previous work history, outstanding warrants, or any previous criminal charges. Our goal is to protect you and your children from any people with malicious intent, or those who want to take advantage of your wealth.

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Skip Trace – Locate Services

In Canada, we have completed thousands of locating and skip trace searches throughout the whole country. Our Kingston private investigators can assist you if you need to track down an individual, or if you are a lawyer who needs to serve someone papers and cannot find the person. We have extensive experience in locating people all over the country whether to reconnect them with loved ones or to aid with debt investigations. If you want to locate a long-lost loved one, birth parent, track down a contractor who skipped out on you after taking a retainer, we can help. Ours locating services will not only provide you with answers, but we also offer flat-rate pricing with zero hidden fees or false promises. Our agency has a 98% success rate with our skiptracing files due to our expertise. A professional skip tracer can also assist with background checks, skip search services, and pre-employment screening. Get in touch and get a free consultation today!

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Additional Services

Asset Search

If you are suspecting that your assets have been slowly disappearing, we can help uncover the root of the problem. Whether it’s a fraud occurring at your business, or it’s your spouse stashing prized possessions like art, jewelry and money in offshore accounts, we will find out. Our private investigators can also recover hidden or stolen accents or identify what someone’s financial holdings are. Our team in Kingston can help you deal with a divorce or a dissolved partnership to ensure you are getting everything that is yours. Often, when significant relationships end, a partner might take your asset out of vengeance which is very difficult to recover without professional help. Our asset search involves the investigators analyzing past bank records, investments, and any suspicious behaviour. Find out crucial information, recover vehicles, art, jewelry, and protect your family against any further harm. Contact us now!

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Our investigative services include a comprehensive dive into fraud for any business, small or big. Companies and individuals in Canada lose thousands of dollars every year due to fraud, financial manipulation, and blackmail. We will work with your company in Kingston to ensure that your employees are not claiming false injuries, or “cooking the books” to unlawfully take money for themselves. We will help you identify any illegal or suspicious activity that is going on in your company, collect evidence, and bring it to your attention. We can also help you deal with scams such as the CRA scam that’s been prevalent for the past 3 years. Once we present our findings to you, you will be set to make a decision that is best for your company. It is never a bad idea to be informed about what’s truly going on. Our fraud investigation is a preventative and corrective measure that every firm should consider. Call us for a free consultation!

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