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Private Detective Mississauga

With decades of investigative experience and a long history of superior results, The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. boldly provides the services of the most skilled and accomplished private investigators in the Mississauga area and beyond. We handle each file with care and attention to detail, helping local residents, business owners and lawyers in this ever-developing area with the professional investigative services they deserve. Our strong commitment to exceptional customer service and outstanding results is what drives us to exceed your expectations in every case. We are a Nationally known and highly respected private investigator agency in Mississauga that has won several prestigious awards. We are also one of the only GTA PI companies with a female business owner. We maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and 5-Star Google Rating with legitimate reviews, you can depend on us.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Civil

We regularly work with small and large corporations as well as small and large law firms across Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton areas. The reasons may vary for investigative services however our team of expert private investigators can work with you and your organization to set a plan of action in place that gets the results your case needs. If you are dealing with employee theft or fraud, need undercover investigators to enter a workplace to document activities, trademark investigations, surveillance for WSIB or similar cases we have the experience, knowledge and equipment you need. You can continue to operate your business or organization while our team takes care of all the details of the case in great attention to detail. Once we have obtained the results you need you will have court ready documentation including comprehensive reporting and first-rate video documentation.

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Family Investigations

We regularly work with families in a variety of cases some from and individual who is seeking services and others who were suggested to hire an investigator from their legal representation. You may be dealing with an Infidelity situation, Child Custody Situation, Missing Family Member, or any other reason. Our team has the skill and knowledge to complete any type of case and we can work with you and your family to determine what will suit your situation the best. We know that dealing with family matters can make things more difficult especially if you’re dealing with a spouse that had an affair, or the safety of your children while in the care of someone else. Our compassionate and understanding investigators in Mississauga will work with you and keep open and honest communication throughout the entirety of your investigation. Start with Trust with The Smith Investigation Agency.

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Investigative Research

Skip Tracing - Locate Services

Locating individuals is our specialty and we are great at it. With over a 98% success rate from locating thousands of individuals we are the team to assist in your skiptrace needs in Mississauga. Skiptracing is not a task every company can complete even though they advertise for it. It is a speciality that is worked towards and perfected over years of continued work. As a National investigative agency in Canada we have access to more information than agencies that only work within a single town or area. When it comes to spending your hard-earned money, you want results and you want them quickly. Our team has a quick turn around and flat rate pricing with no hidden fees or claims of no hit no fee. If you want successful results The Smith Investigation Agency is the pragmatic choice.

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Background Checks

A Background Check in Mississauga can be essential to your business if it is an employee you can considering hiring, or in your personal life if you are looking to hire a nanny or caretaker to be with your family, or even to determine if that special someone is who they claim to be. Our team can provide you with the results you need to decide about the person you suspect may not be who they claim to be. We can complete a full and comprehensive search and customize the search based on your needs. From Criminal Record Checks, to Arrest Records, Public and Court Records, Marital Status, etc. our team has the ability and skill to obtain the information you need. With flat rate and speedy turnaround times you won’t want to work anywhere else because anything else is less than the best and your case deserves the best.

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Additional Services

Frauds & Scams

We have seen a significant increase in Canada with scams and fraud especially online in the last decade. We want to be your team to determine fraud or assist if you have been scammed by someone online. In most cases individuals who scam people cover their tracks however with the right investigative team we can uncover hidden information using cyber research experts and technology. Identify risky assets and individuals with The Smith Investigation Agency’s highly efficient and dedicated fraud management services.

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Customized Investigations

We know all too well that every situation requires a different plan of action and that not every case needs surveillance and not every case needs investigative research. When you share the details of your case with our team of professional private investigators in Mississauga we can work with you to create the best course of action for your case. Similar customized services could be: Surveillance, Undercover Investigations, Employment Investigations, Affair Investigations, Wellness Checks on Family Members and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as the person you hire is licensed under the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Securities Act. At The Smith Investigation Agency, all of our agents are fully licensed and have successfully passed the provincial exam required to work in the field.

When it comes to hiring a PI, it’s imperative to choose the best trained and most skilled professionals in the field. And here at The Smith Investigation Agency, we only hire the best. Our PIs are highly experienced and specialized. Our agents are also extremely discreet and know all the covert tactics to go unnoticed. They also have court experience that can be beneficial if your case requires evidence to be presented in front of a judge.

Anything that is illegal. Under current laws, a PI is not permitted to wiretap phones, read other people’s mail, enter private property without consent, break into someone’s car, or arrest someone.

We use a variety of advanced surveillance, monitoring and intelligence tools to investigate cases. This can include skip tracing, GPS tracking, database research, asset searches, background checks, countermeasure services, voice analysis and video surveillance to name a few.

We charge on a case by case basis. The fee we set will depend on a number of factors including your needs, the resources required, and the time it will take to complete the task at hand. A majority of the investigative services we provide are charged on an hourly basis, but we do offer a flat fee for some of our research-based services. To ensure transparency, we always provide an upfront quote outlining any anticipated costs.

No, we also called upon to help businesses and government agencies with background checks, theft prevention, workplace harassment claims, identity theft cases, employee theft, insurance fraud, and a number of other investigative services.

Yes, we do. We offer both in-class and online Private Investigator and Security Guard training in the Mississauga area. You can learn more about our training opportunities by clicking on the “Training” tab in our menu.

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