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Do you need professional help finding a lost loved one, or even dealing with corporate fraud? The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. can investigate a variety of problems in Orillia whether it’s related to work, home life, or finances. We are a national private investigation agency that has earned the reputation of delivering consistent results for our clients in both surveillance and investigative research.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Do you suspect that your business is being taken advantage of? If so, we can find out. Through undercover work, debugging services, and surveillance we can help minimize your risks and ensure your business is fully protected. Our investigative team has the ability to conduct corporate and legal fraud cases for both large corporations and small operations to get to the root of the issue and get you the results you need.

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Family Investigations

We have helped hundreds of families every year in a variety of different scenarios. Our team can provide you with the surveillance, skip tracing and investigative services you need to uncover a cheating spouse, find a lost loved one, or to prove child custody allegations. We also can provide surveillance needs to ensure a family member is safe. No matter your concerns, our Private Investigators in Orillia can assist you.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

We also provide background checks for Orillia employers and landlords who want to verify who they are dealing with is law-abiding and honest. Our Smith Investigation agents have access to multiple databases across Canada to obtain more accurate and valuable data for our clients. Our background checks go far beyond what you can find online. We can analyze a person’s financial stability, past criminal record, and other information to get to the truth and reduce your risk.

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Skip Tracing

Our investigative services also include skip tracing services in Orillia. If you need to track down an individual and serve them legal papers or locate a missing debtor or heir, our skip tracing department can provide you with fast, accurate results at a low rate. No matter if you’re a civilian, lawyer or business professional, we can help you track down and locate a person’s exact whereabouts quickly and affordably.

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Additional Services

Fraud & Scams

If you believe you are a victim of fraud or have been scammed, call us immediately. We can find the source and help you seek legal action against them. Our private investigators in Orillia provide in-depth investigation services that collect the concrete evidence that you need.

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