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Oshawa is a city of convenience and a mix of lifestyles, nestled between bustling Toronto and the idyllic countryside charm of communities such as Port Hope and Bowmanville. There’s plenty of room for growth career and lifegoal-wise, but sometimes we need help to safeguard our well-being. This is where The Smith Investigation Agency is a National Private Investigative Firm and can help in your investigative needs. Our Award-Winning team of investigators and researchers have earned the respect throughout Canada as the leader in investigative services. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintain an A+ Rating as well as 5-Star Rating on Google. We achieved this through client satisfaction, discretion and a passion for the truth. We are continually updating our knowledge to stay at the top of the industry and make use of the latest technologies to enhance our investigations. It is not enough to meet expectations. We make surpassing expectations our standard.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Small and medium businesses as well as large corporations often see suspicious and inappropriate behaviour taking place within their businesses. Whether they deal with employee theft of time or product, WSIB claims that may be fraudulent or needing an undercover investigation to determine what activity is taking place in their business. Our investigators can assist and provide you with the results that you need to make informed decisions or take legal action. Trust our team of expert private investigators in Oshawa with your business’s investigative needs. In the past we have seen companies bottom line increase with the use of services from investigators.

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Family Investigations

With our family investigations we are searching into a wide variety of services including surveillance on a cheating spouse, child custody investigations to determine if the former spouse is working to garnish wages or to confirm who your former spouse is spending time with while in care of your children. There are many reasons why a family may hire us to determine what activity is taking place. We can assist with all investigative needs when it comes to your family and we know just how to obtain the information discretely, confidentially, and with sensitivity. The Smith Investigation Agency is a woman owned business and women in the investigative industry have been known to not only produce better results but hold compassion and understanding in high regards.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

When completing a comprehensive background check not every investigator has the skill, ability and resources to complete the search. You need a team of highly qualified investigators like ours. We operate throughout Canada in multiple provinces, so we have more information available to us than any other agency in Ontario. If you need to find information on a nanny or caretaker, confirm an online lover or someone you are about to marry, to look into a suspicious individual, potential business partner or investment partner then hiring a Private Investigator to complete a Background Check in Oshawa is the pragmatic choice. We will obtain the results you need with a speedy turn around and flat rate pricing. No hidden fees or false claims.

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Skip Tracing Investigation

With our Skiptracing capabilities, we have a 98% success rate in locating individuals. If you need to locate a missing family member, missing heir or beneficiary, trace an adoption, find a debtor, someone you need to serve papers to or another reason we can assist. Our Oshawa Private Investigators have access to information throughout Canada which gives the highest chance of success for the skiptrace. We will obtain the results you need with a quick turn around and flat rate pricing. No hidden fees or false claims. If you want to hire the best private investigator in Oshawa to locate someone contact our team today.

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Other Investigative Services

Asset Search

Whether you want to recover stolen assets or simply want to investigate someone’s holdings, The Smith Investigation Agency can help. Our asset searches are comprehensive, pulling the past into the present in the form of compelling details on everything from bank records to investments. Paint a clear picture on an individual, company or organization, identify if a family member is hiding money owed to you, and much more. Our Oshawa private investigators and research team leave nothing to chance, we carefully examine every bit of asset-related data to bring the truth to the surface.

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Proving someone’s fraudulent intentions is not an easy task to perform alone. This is where we can help, with the skills and resources of our private investigators and researchers. We’ll inspect documentation such as credentials, contracts, agreements and media to determine the truth, building out reports that are accurate and concise. Based on due diligence and with a wealth of data at our disposal, we can help you uncover the true nature of those involved and determine their innocence. Then, with the proof in hand, you’ll have a better chance of the best possible outcome.

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