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Private Investigator Toronto

The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is a highly respected and renowned private investigation agency based in the Greater Toronto Area. For years, the agency has been providing reliable and effective private investigator Toronto investigative services to its clients with great success. We offer confidential and discreet investigative services that ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail has earned us a stellar reputation in the industry, making our investigators one of the most trusted names in private investigation. We have completed thousands of investigative research and surveillance files, including but not limited to background checks, locating people who may have skipped town, cyber investigations to uncover online activities, asset searches to determine an individual or organization’s financial worth, surveillance to observe activities in real-time, and TSCM bug sweeps to detect and investigate electronic surveillance devices.

The Smith Investigation Agency is a female-owned and accredited Investigative Agency, having earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are proud to have won several prestigious awards, including the award for the Best Private Investigation Agency in Toronto for seven consecutive years. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in providing confidential, discreet, and effective investigative services. With our expertise, we can assist individuals, law firms, companies, and organizations in uncovering the truth and helping them to make informed decisions.

We believe in raising the bar with our private investigative agency Toronto. Our investigative team is continually working on our skill level to ensure we are performing at our best on every case in the greater Toronto area, and we have a standard like nobody else in the industry; we think differently. Our private investigator services in Toronto carry the knowledge, integrity and discretion you need and deserve when it comes to your full service investigation.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal Investigations

We are seeing a growing demand for investigative services in Toronto, private investigators due to the increasing population. Businesses, law firms and lawyers are often the targets of fraudulent activity and require our expertise to protect their interests. Our experienced private investigators in Toronto conduct comprehensive investigations to uncover any evidence of wrongdoing. We use the latest investigative techniques and resources to ensure reliable and credible evidence is provided. Our team of investigators is highly skilled and experienced in providing discreet and confidential services to our clients. We strive to deliver meaningful results from our investigations and ensure the highest level of discretion and professionalism. Our services encompass a wide range of investigative activities, including background checks, surveillance, asset investigations, witness interviews, and more. We take pride in our vast resources, exceptional skills, and in-depth knowledge, which allows us to conduct thorough and effective investigations. As a result, we can provide our valued clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all investigations have been handled properly. Our experienced team of Private Investigators Toronto will take the time to discuss the details of your case and create a plan of action tailored to your individual needs. We will then conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the truth and provide you with the results necessary to take legal action or to achieve your desired outcome. We are committed to obtaining the information you require in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is confidential, discreet and always compliant. Working with the right investigative team for your business and law firm is paramount, and our team will provide you with the professionalism that you deserve. You will have fully comprehensive reporting, as well as evidence that can be used in court and obtained legally and professionally.

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Family Investigations

We recognize the importance of family and the impact it has on individuals. We understand that you are looking for the best course of action to ensure the well-being and safety of your family. We offer a variety of family investigations to help you uncover the truth and make informed decisions. Our team of experienced expert private investigators in Toronto are here to provide you with the necessary resources and support to help secure the safety and security of your family. If you are dealing with a child custody situation and want to ensure the persons spending time with your children are safe, surveillance would be the pragmatic choice. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity in Toronto, our surveillance experts can get the results you need to make an informed decision about their activities. We know a cheating wife or a cheating husband is painful, and our compassionate investigators in Toronto will work with you every step of the way. We also work with families with a multitude of needs and can customize services that fit your situation. Our surveillance can determine where an ex-spouse or partner works in order to garnish wages, the whereabouts of your teenager or elder family member, and more. This is made possible through active monitoring. If you need assistance from a Private Detective Toronto for family investigations, we are here to help.

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Investigative Research

Skip Trace Services

As a national private investigative skip tracing team, we can access more information throughout Canada than any other skip trace companies due to our vast resources, connections, and expertise. We specialize in skip tracing in Toronto, and we have a wealth of experience in locating individuals who have gone missing or evaded contact. O ur team has access to both public and private databases, giving us the ability to uncover information that other skip tracing companies may not be able to access. Additionally, our staff is highly trained in developing strategies for locating missing persons. With our combined resources and expertise, we provide our clients with the best possible chance of success. We offer dedicated skip tracer services Toronto with flat-rate pricing. Our skip tracing services have been performed over thousands of files with a high success rate. We specialize in locating lost individuals, missing persons, missing debtors, landlord-tenant issues and long lost family members. We can help you find the person you are looking for. Our services are discreet, and we offer a variety of solutions to best fit your needs. We use state-of-the-art technology, legal databases, and investigative tactics to locate people quickly and efficiently. Our team consists of experienced skip tracers Toronto and professional skip trace investigative research experts throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Background Checks

Background Checks are an essential tool for businesses and individuals in Toronto, as the prevalence of online fraud, dating scams, employee fraud, and deception has risen significantly in recent years. Background Checks and criminal record checks provide essential information to help identify potential risks and safeguard against losses resulting from fraudulent or deceptive activities. By performing a local background check in Toronto, businesses and individuals can gain access to a wide variety of resources, such as criminal records, employment history, credit reports, and more. Our team of licensed private investigators in Toronto can provide you with a background check to get you the results you need to make informed decisions about who you are hiring, spending time with or placing in care of your loved ones. We can customize a background check in Toronto according to your specific needs, and we offer free consultations. Our Private Investigators Toronto team is here to help you understand your situation and provide you with the best plan of action for your specific case. You don't have to live in the dark anymore; our experts can help you get the answers and information you need to protect yourself and those around you. We'll listen to your story, consider all of the available information, and craft a customized plan that meets your unique needs. We have the experience and resources to help you get the answers you're looking for and give you peace of mind.

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Additional Services

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is becoming invaluable to small and large businesses as well as legal firms. Our team can perform extensive monitoring to verify digitally stored information, whether it is currently online or if it has been removed. Our reporting will enable you access to offline and crucial pieces of evidence to support your case. We will complete a deep web dive to secure as much information as possible. Your reputation and brand deserve nothing but the finest in investigative services. Therefore, our team of Private Investigators in Toronto will get you the results you need.

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Risk management is an important part of any society, as it helps organizations and individuals identify, assess, and manage potential risks. By being precise, accurate, detail-focused, and prompt, organizations and individuals can develop strategies to reduce the likelihood of fraud and other risks. Risk management also involves taking proactive measures to prevent risks and responding quickly and effectively to any fraud or other risk that does occur. This includes implementing strong internal controls and monitoring systems, regularly reviewing procedures, and training employees on how to recognize and report suspicious activity. Additionally, risk management involves keeping up to date with the latest fraud trends and taking preventive measures to ensure that businesses and individuals remain protected. At our company, we believe that fraud protection services can provide everyone with a range of beneficial outcomes. This includes business owners, lawyers, and private individuals. With our decades of combined experience, we recognize that in today's world, anything can happen. Therefore, it is essential to have reliable fraud protection services in place. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions to ensure maximum protection against fraudulent activities. Our team is dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends in the market and continually adapting our services to ensure that our customers are always one step ahead of potential fraudulent activities. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the incident, including the identity of the perpetrator. Our data-driven method of investigation allows us to gather a significant amount of evidence that can help to safeguard you more effectively, equipping you with the knowledge you need to take informed action.

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Genealogy Ancestry Search

Our forensic genealogy service can include the following activities: locating unknown or missing heirs, locating owners of unclaimed property, preparing court-ready reporting with supporting documentation (if required), researching direct and indirect family lines to identify potential relatives, and verifying relationships between family members to ensure accuracy. To locate unknown or missing heirs, we will use a variety of sources, such as census records, birth and death records, probate records, military records, marriage records, immigration records, land records, and other public records. To locate owners of unclaimed property, we will use databases such as the National Unclaimed Property database, state unclaimed property databases, and other sources, such as newspaper archives and online searchable databases. Researching Ancestry direct and indirect family lines will involve examining various genealogical records such as birth certificates, marriage records, death records, census records, and wills. Documenting family history will involve collecting photos, stories, and other memorabilia related to the family, as well as researching the family’s history and finding out where they came from and how they lived. Tracing family connections will involve researching the family tree and mapping out the family’s connections, including siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives. Finally, verifying relationships will involve confirming that the family connections are accurate and that the individuals are truly related as claimed, using records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other official documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private Investigators are capable of providing a wide range of services. These include skip tracing, locating someone, social media monitoring, fraud, surveillance insurance and TSCM (bug sweeps), family-focused investigations pertaining to child custody and welfare, and much more. They are also hired for infidelity cases as well, in order to verify whether someone’s suspicions about a cheating wife or cheating husband are correct.

Yes, it is legal to hire a Private Investigator to follow someone since Private Investigators are licensed professionals who are allowed to conduct investigations on behalf of clients. This type of surveillance typically involves the PI following the person in question and documenting their activities, such as where they go, who they talk to, and what they do. The information gathered by the PI can then be used to help the client in whatever legal action they may be pursuing. Additionally, PIs have the ability to acquire other forms of information that can be used in investigations, such as accessing phone records, obtaining financial documents, and conducting background checks.

Yes. Private Investigators are often recruited by clients to safeguard children caught amidst a custody battle. Such instances include monitoring a child’s welfare from a distance to see whether they are adequately cared for. In addition, they have the ability to investigate whether an ex-spouse or partner is adhering to custody payments or other responsibilities involving child welfare.

Yes. In some circumstances, Private Investigators may be called upon to testify if the information they have obtained could play an important role in a case brought before the courts. They may be asked to present their findings to help the court and jury come to an accurate and appropriate conclusion.

No not legally. Due to privacy restrictions in place to protect those visiting and living within Canada, Private Investigators are not permitted to seek out and obtain cell phone records. The Smith Investigation Agency complies with this rule and fully respects the individual’s right to privacy. Instead, other methods may be used to procure information pertaining to a case, such as fraud investigations or surveillance.

Absolutely. Private Investigators have to undergo rigorous, comprehensive training to secure full certification and the legal privilege to operate. Avoid any investigative agency that does not comply with these rules and be sure to instead reach out to the professionals who follow established standards.

The cost of hiring a private investigator can vary depending on the services you need. For example, our research services are charged at a flat rate. To ensure you are getting the best service for your money, it is recommended to hire a reputable agency with a proven track record of success. The cost of the investigation will depend on the scope of the job, the complexity of the case, the duration of the investigation, and the skills and experience of the investigator. The cost may also include travel expenses, equipment and software, and other costs associated with the investigation.

To become a private investigator in Ontario, you must take a 50-hour online private investigator training course. This course is offered for an affordable price of $199.99 plus applicable taxes. The course is comprehensive and covers a variety of topics, such as investigative techniques, surveillance, evidence-gathering, and legal considerations. Upon successful completion, you will be eligible to apply for a license to practice as a private investigator. Additionally, the course provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a professional private investigator.

Not exactly. There are rules and regulations that must be followed, which Private Investigators are trained to specifically adhere to. These include Canadian privacy laws such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which governs the collection, use, and disclosure of client data. This is why it’s best to work with a Private Investigator firm with a reputation for discretion, professionalism, and respect for your privacy.

No. Doing so would go against our goal of maintaining a discreet, leak-free service that protects your identity. Trust is a critical component of any successful assignment. Otherwise, it is possible that your current situation you’re hiring a Private Investigator for could spiral out of control. Always be sure to deal only with Private Investigator firms that are upfront and clear about how they handle and communicate information, and whether they adhere to PIPEDA.

The Canadian Council of Private Investigators of Ontario (CPIO) is a professional body that oversees all legally operating firms in the province. They help to regulate operations, ensure everyone maintains full compliance with established laws, and protect clients. This helps to ensure the best quality of service and your rights are safeguarded. The Smith Investigation Agency is officially recognized by CPIO.

Don’t worry. The Smith Investigation Agency is proud to offer our services in a timely, proactive manner, while being careful to keep matters safe and private. Many clients come to us to locate wandering elderly parents, fleeing debtors, or even lost children. Our team knows how important it is to work fast, diligently, and secure all possible evidence in a legal and safe manner.

This gets asked a lot, and it boils down to the same thing: Know who you’re working with! The Smith Investigation Agency is proud to have won the Consumer Choice Award from 2017 to 2019 for the Best Private Investigators, made possible by our hardworking experts. We’re also recipients of the Global Excellence Award of 2017 as the Most Trusted Private Investigation Services Provider in Ottawa. In addition, we’re very proud winners of the International AI Influential Business Woman Award for Best Woman-Owned Private Investigative Agency in Easy Canada and the Most Innovative Woman in Executive Protection!

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