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Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada and hosts a variety of organizations, businesses, and individuals from all walks of life. Its population is nearly 260,000 as Regina continues to grow and expand in its population it also continues to add new organizations, legal firms, businesses, etc. At The Smith Investigation Agency Inc., our goal is to be able to provide private investigative services to all the residents of Regina. Though each person or organization’s needs may vary our Regina Private Investigators can assist.

Throughout the province of Saskatchewan, our team handles a wide variety of cases from surveillance services for corporate, legal and insurance industries as well as the general public. To investigative research which includes locating – skip tracing, background checks, asset checks, cyber investigations and more. As well as T.S.C.M. (de-bugging) services. Our team not only works with some of North America’s largest corporations and lawyers we also assist with the general public. Our team has years of professional experience in conducting investigations.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

The need for your organization to be protected is of the utmost importance. If your team needs to conduct surveillance on an employee to determine fraud, theft, etc. our team can assist from workman’s compensation to motor vehicle accidents and undercover investigations. Our Regina Private investigators can assist in providing you and your organization with the results you need to make informed decisions.

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Family Investigations

The investigative industry has seen a significant increase in family investigations over the past decade. The need for families to be monitored to protect children and relationships. Our experienced and discrete private investigators can conduct surveillance to determine if your child is safe while in the care of a former partner or guardian, determine who your teenage child is spending time with or look into infidelity.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

Background checks are discreet and dependable and that is what you need. You need to be fully informed in making decisions and knowing who you are spending time with or confirm suspicions you have of someone else. Our team uses a variety of tools, experience and databases to locate the information you need in your background check. Each check is tailored to your need as each need is so unique in the private investigative field. We will ensure no stone is left unturned.

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Skip Tracing

Our skip trace and locate services are unlike any other. As our agency operates across Canada our access to information is considerably greater than any other investigative company completing skip trace services. From locating a long-lost family member, birth parent, individual for court or legal reasons, etc. Our team can provide you with the results you need. We specialize in locating individuals with limited information.

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Additional Services

Fraud – Cyber Investigations

Have you or your organization been the target of fraud, harassment, or cyberstalking? If so our team of expert fraud and cyber investigators can discuss with you the situation and come up with a uniquely tailored solution for your needs. From digital forensics, OSINT Investigations, Penetration testing, incident response and phishing campaigns our team can provide you with the results you need.

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Asset Searches

Do you need to locate someone’s assets for legal reasons? Our team can provide you with the information you need. From planes, trains and automobiles our team can take a deep dive into the person or organization's assets and provide you with the results you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We at the Smith Investigation Agency take your privacy and integrity seriously. Our aim is to operate with full respect to Canadian federal and provincial laws to ensure the best possible results and evidence you can legally use in a court of law. We adhere to established Canadian data privacy laws and will never share anything without your permission.

Our services will vary in price from client to client as everyone’s case is unique. From family investigations focusing on child welfare to skip tracing and social media monitoring, what you need us for will influence the final price. The safest and most beneficial route is to choose an agency like us – one with a reputation for discretion, confidentiality and a proven track record of results.

The Smith Investigation Agency offers a wide range of specialized, integrity-focused services. Whether you need us to locate a fleeing debtor, determine the truth of an affair or help protect your business from internal defrauding schemes, we are here to help. Discover our discreet and personalized Private Investigator services in Saskatoon today.

Yes. However, you need to make sure that the agency you choose is fully licensed and operates legally. The Smith Investigation Agency fully adheres to all Canadian laws and regulations including PIPEDA, the latter representing data protection laws for Canadians. This means all the services we provide and evidence collected is handled not only discreetly but also legally, protecting us and you.

Yes, but within reason. We can only do so if it pertains to your case specifically. Tracking and monitoring individuals are made possible by discreetness, distant observations, and the use of high-end technology. This enables us to produce a detailed report on that person’s actions, helping you determine whether your suspicions are true. Our tracking, monitoring, and location services are often useful in infidelity and family investigations.

Some cases are time-sensitive, such as the need for locating missing individuals or securing evidence of a fraud brewing before it takes place. Regardless, you deserve to have your suspicions put to rest with absolute closure, and we are ready to act accordingly. Bear in mind that, the tighter the timeframe and less there is to go on, the more work will be needed on our end that could affect the final cost.

No. This is not legal, so stay away from any agency that advertises otherwise. There are strict privacy restrictions put in place to protect residents and visitors in Canada, such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Smith Investigation Agency is fully compliant with such regulations and will never ask for these records.

We know it can feel strange to reach out to us at first, but rest assured, our services have a history of excellence to back them up. We are Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating, having operated for many years while also training prospective Private Investigators. Plus, the Smith Investigation Agency is a recipient of the Consumer Choice Award from 2017 to 2019 for the Best Private Investigators. In addition, we’ve won the Global Excellence Award of 2017 as the Most Trusted Private Investigation Services Provider in Ottawa.

Yes, sometimes. On occasion, the court may call upon us to present our findings if they are deemed substantial enough to shift the verdict during proceedings. Our aim is to collect sufficient evidence, in an entirely legal manner, to help strengthen your argument and lead to the best possible outcome.

Without question, yes. Don’t ever work with a Private Investigator or subsequent agency that isn’t fully certified or licensed or it could spell legal trouble. Always work with experts with years of experience and a track record that indicates fully legal operations, no matter the service offered.

Becoming a Private Investigator requires thorough background checks through the RCMP. In addition, extensive, rigorous training is required to ensure you aren’t only prepared from a skills-based perspective but also in terms of discretion, professionalism, and situational awareness. That way, you can operate with a full license and with the knowledge needed to make a difference.

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