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A seaport city, located on the Bay of Fundy, Saint John is the oldest incorporated city in the country. Canadas third-largest port is known for its stunning historical architecture and its unique Reversing Falls. Saint John is also one of the worlds most affordable cities which makes it a popular area in which to work and live. But what happens when you need professional help with addressing issues such as infidelity or corporate fraud, among others? The Smith Investigation Agency Inc.’s Saint John-based private investigators are fully certified, trained and prepared to help resolve various problems that impact their work and home lives, including situations that affect finances, safety ands wellness. Our team is renowned for its focus on quality control, integrity, security and consistency. We are here to deliver the best private investigative services to New Brunswick.

Our investigative services involve comprehensive research, data analysis, surveillance, background checks, skip trace and locate services. With many years of professional expertise in conducting corporate investigations and monitoring behaviour of everyone from employees to cheating spouses, we function as the leading edge.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

As a successful business in Saint John, you need to be mindful of any suspicious and inappropriate activity of your employees. In our experience we have seen 3 out of 5 workplace injury cases were fraudulent. Don’t allow your business to be one of the ones taken advantage of. At the Smith Investigation Agency, we focus on integrity, consistency and quality to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We investigate a variety of cases for corporations large and small including surveillance, WSIB investigations, TSCM – debugging services to keep your private conversations confidential, and more. Our team can help you minimize your risks and protect your brand through surveillance and investigative research. In Saint John, our Private Investigators have the experience, equipment, resources, reach and knowledge to protect your brand and bottom line. Our professional and discreet approach to corporate and civil investigations enables you to focus on your business and firm while we get to the root of the issue, identify it and present our findings to you. Continually we assist in saving clients thousands in fraud. Call today for a free consultation.

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Family Investigations

The well being of your family is the most important thing. At Smith Investigation Agency, we know this and we help hundreds of families per year in a variety of different investigative services from surveillance on a cheating spouse, to child custody investigations to determine if a former spouse is working and where to have wages garnished. Our Saint John Private Investigators can supply you with the information you need. Do you need surveillance on a teenage or elderly family member to ensure their safety? No matter the need, our private investigators can assist with private, discreet, professional services. With our family investigations, if you plan on attending court, our comprehensive reporting and video evidence will aid in your case. If you do not need your case to go to court and want proof of your spouse having an affair for peace of mind, we can provide you with the results you need to make the best decision for your family. We can also customize cases depending on your need. Call today for a free consultation. It’s the first step towards peace of mind.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

As the population of major cities in Canada continues to expand, the need for private investigative services has naturally increased. As there has been such a demand in the private investigation industry, our team of investigative professionals has seen a notable amount of growth in the past five years. Our background checks are an integral part of ensuring this growth is healthy, enabling for employers and landlords to verify that who they are dealing with is honest, law-abiding and who pose no threat. In relationships, you want to know without a shadow of a doubt who you are dating, planning to marry or who is around your children and family. A full and comprehensive background check in Saint John should be on everyone’s to-do list before settling down with someone or ensuring your families safety. You cannot afford not to have the facts. We perform background investigations in Saint John that analyze an individual’s work history, financial stability, outstanding warrants or previous criminal charges, and other factors. We will deliver our findings to you for more peace of mind in knowing the truth. Your well being is essential to us to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of, being misrepresented or placing your loved ones in danger.

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Skip Tracing Services

Do you need to locate an individual? Here at The Smith Investigation Agency, we have completed thousands of skip tracing searches for clients and individuals throughout Canada. Our Saint John team of skip trace and individual locate specialists can provide you with the results you need. Are you trying to locate a missing family member? Or locate a former tenant, missing heir or beneficiary or even a missing debtor? No matter the reason we can assist. We locate individuals throughout Saint John, New Brunswick and Canada as well as internationally. We have a 98% success rate with over 3000 cases. Our team has the information, resources, experience, skill and dedication to provide you with the results you need. Most of our locates can be completed within a few business days, and we have a high success rate in locating individuals with little to no information. One of the main benefits to you in choosing us for a locate is we operate in multiple provinces throughout Canada, so our ability to locate information is more significant as we have more access. We are continually expanding our resources, technology, and knowledge to ensure the best results and fastest turnaround times if you need to locate that individual to serve papers to call our office today. Allow our team to find the person so you can proceed with your legal, corporate or personal matter with confidence. If you need to locate someone in Saint John call us today for a free consultation and upfront pricing as we have reasonable flat rate pricing and no hidden fees.

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Additional Services


Our anti-fraud and risk management unit in Ottawa focuses on identifying what risks exist and then handles them in a way best suited to your specific objectives. If you have been a victim of fraud, allow our team of Private Investigators in Ottawa to assess the situation and identify a clean plan forward. Our fraud division handles a wide variety of cases, from small claims to cases where several million dollars are at risk. If you are a large corporation, private individual or law firm dealing with fraud, contact us today and learn more about our investigative process. We obtain substantial evidence and facts that can be used to bring truth, protecting you and your assets more efficiently.

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Customized Investigations

There are many services our Private Investigators in Ottawa complete regularly that are customized based on the client’s needs. Having completed thousands of cases, we know first-hand that no two files are alike, which is why you can share with us the details of your case for a personalized solution. After all, a blanket approach is not good enough when it comes to investigative services such as ours. Your case may require a mixture of cyber research, surveillance, and investigative services like background checks or locate services. No matter your need, we can assist. Our Ottawa team is here to help, as are those in our other offices found throughout Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We can assist with all types of investigations, including personal, private, corporate, and government.

We can help protect a business from fraudulent activities. Our investigation services cover background checks, investigate employee claims, monitor potential theft or narcotic use, monitor workplace harassment, investigate WSIB claims, uncover identify theft, and other behaviours that could damage your business reputation and bottom line. 

Yes! We can provide highly detailed background checks including criminal background checks on both individuals and corporations. In the event you need to screen someone as part of an employment application or check that a particular individual does not have a criminal record, or that a business has serious legal problems, we can help. We can perform a meticulous and accurate background check that is accompanied by facts, including employment history, criminal records, education verification, litigation and legal affairs, marital information and more.

Even if you believe that there is suspicious activity but don’t have any relevant proof, we can help. We will uncover the facts that you need.

We provide professional reports, pictures, and video documentation as required to deliver the substantial evidence you need. 

Our agents are highly trained to work discreetly and undercover. Our agents also follow all the necessary laws to avoid becoming subject to a police investigation. In the rare incident that they are identified, they are trained to appropriately and safely react. PIs act in complete confidentiality and will never provide your information.

Our Ottawa team is required to follow the rules and regulations of the Ontario’s Private Security and Investigative Services Act. We are not allowed to carry a badge, impersonate a law enforcement officer, make any form of arrest, wiretap to record conversations or trespass on private property. However, we are allowed to use surveillance and evidence gathering techniques such as background checks, skip tracing, GPS, photos and video surveillance. PIs can legally access databases and public information to find missing people, property or assets. We can also find evidence in relation to child custody investigations and criminal investigations.

Contact us today to set up a consultation. During this confidential meeting, we’ll assess your situation and needs to provide you with a quote for services. Depending on the type of investigative services that you require, we’ll provide an hourly fee or set amount in the quote, with no hidden fees.  If you agree to the quote, we’ll begin working on your case right away.

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