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There has been an absence when it comes to reputable, experienced private investigation agencies in Northern Ontario – until now. The Smith Investigation Agency Inc.’s Sudbury office is available to deliver discreet yet highly effective private investigative services to everyone from enterprises to local families. We’re a company built on customer satisfaction, results and maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-Star Rating on Google. Our services leave no stone unturned in seeking the truth, covering everything from surveillance to investigative research. Simply put, The Smith Investigation Agency Inc.’s experienced private investigators are here for you, with discretion and details always being our focus.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Civil

Sudbury hosts a large amount of corporate businesses, industries, mining, construction and more. Within the majority or organizations large and small the need to monitor employees for theft of time and product, excessive absenteeism, theft of clients, WSIB workplace incident investigations, undercover investigations and TSCM debugging services to ensure confidential information is kept safe is necessary. Our team has worked with a variety of businesses throughout Canada to provide them the results they need to make informed decisions and protect their bottom line and brand. Contact our Sudbury Private Investigators to determine the right plan of action for your investigation.

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Family Investigations

Our team can provide you with the peace of mind you need if you are dealing with a spouse or partner having an affair. Infidelity is something you need to prove for either court purposes, or simply to know the facts. Our team of compassionate and professional private investigators can determine what activity your spouse or partner may be doing and if there is cheating taking place we can also conduct a “other person” check on the individual they are spending time with so your are well informed to make decisions. We also provide child custody investigations to determine if your children are safe in the care of your former spouse, family members or caretakers. Call today for a customized investigation.

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Background Check

Our Background Checks in Sudbury will give you the information you or your organization need to make logical decisions. Whether it is a background check on an employee, potential investment partner or business, caretaker or nanny, or even the person you met online and want to pursue a relationship with. We can provide a fully detailed background check based on your needs. Not all background checks are the same and can vary in the need whether it be looking for criminal records, arrest records, marital history, asset searches and more. Call today for a free consultation and to determine what search will work best for you. We have a few business day turnaround and flat rate pricing with no hidden fees or false promises.

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Skip Tracing Services

If you need to find someone, The Smith Investigation Agency’s skip tracing services can help. Custom-tailored to suit your needs, it involves compiling up-to-date and accurate information on the whereabouts of an individual. We use a variety of different skip tracing tools to locate individuals. The Smith Investigation Agency being a National Private Investigative team has access to more information throughout Canada and that has been a large part of the success we have had with thousands of locate cases. Call today for a free consultation, upfront pricing, quick turnarounds and no hidden fees or promises.

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Additional Services


Our private investigators in Sudbury can work with your legal team and your clients to determine the best course of action that will assist in your legal team winning your case. If your legal team in Sudbury needs surveillance, research, TSCM – debugging services, social media monitoring, witness statements, locating missing heirs or beneficiaries in a trust or other services we can provide what you need. Contact the Smith Investigation Agency today for a free consultation.

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WSIB & Insurance Fraud Investigation

If you believe you have an employee who is being fraudulent with a workplace injury allow our team of insurance investigators to determine the activity, limitations and restrictions of the employee so you can determine if the claim is fraudulent. Or if you are an insurance company who has a claimant in Sudbury our Private Investigators can assist and obtain the results you need with surveillance.

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