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Thunder Bay is an area rich in natural wonder, with plenty of reasons to call it home and operate your business and legal firm. The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is one of the most respected and reputable private investigation agencies in Ontario and operating throughout Canada. We deliver exceptional client satisfaction with fact-based service. Our Thunder Bay office is conveniently located near Dunlop Street and Memorial Street, proudly serving local residents and businesses. Our private investigators and award-winning research department are poised and ready to aid in all of your investigation needs, and you’ll find that we offer every type of service needed to uncover the truth.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Suspicious and inappropriate behaviour happens in any business. However, you can eliminate the amount of inappropriate, unsafe or fraudulent activity that may be taking place by utilizing a Thunder Bay Private Investigator. Our workplace investigations, surveillance of employees and undercover investigations can determine what activity is taking place by your employees. Our team can work with you and your organization or legal team to determine what your needs are and what the best plan of action is to obtain the results you need. Our team can help you minimize your risks and protect your assets. We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to protect your brand and bottom line.

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Family Investigations

Our family investigations will provide you with the results you need to make decisions with your family or your legal representation. From child custody investigations in determining where a former spouse works to have wages garnished, to wellness and activity checks on elderly family members or teenagers. Even dealing with a spouse that may be having an affair. Infidelity, and family matters are not easy and that is why we have a compassionate and understanding team of female private investigators to discuss your options and the best course of action for your investigation.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

Do you need to learn more about a potential employee? Notice suspicious behaviour from a lover or family member and want to know the truth? Maybe you are looking to make investments and want to ensure the company your investing with is reputable and honest first. A background check can be used in a large variety of reasons not just the ones listed above. We can customize a search based on your needs. If you need to determine a previous criminal record, asset search, financial records, bankruptcies, arrest records, marital status and more. Our focus is purely on securing the truth and delivering it to you with facts to back it up. By performing extensive background investigations on individuals. We are proud to offer our clients a 1-2 business day turnaround for Background Checks in Thunder Bay.

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Skip Trace Services

If you have attempted to locate someone and were unable it is the best time to hire a private investigator in Thunder Bay to complete the skiptrace. We can locate your former tenant, missing family member, locate birth parents, missing or runaway debtors, missing heirs and beneficiaries and more. Our Skiptracing services are known throughout Canada for the highest quality results and turnaround times. We have the expertise your case needs. With our agency operating throughout Canada and Ontario we have access to a greater amount of information which enables greater success in your locate case. We offer flat rate pricing with no hidden fees or false promises. Call today for a free consultation on our skip services.

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Additional Services

Asset Searches

If you need to locate missing assets and determine the financial position of someone our team can assist. Possibly you are going through a difficult divorce and your former spouse or partner is hiding money, vehicles, jewellery, investments and other assets. Our team can uncover and identify the assets, so you and your legal team can make informed decisions and win your case. Don’t live in the unknown any longer. Have the facts necessary to move forward.

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The Smith Investigation Agency can assist in investigating your spouse or partner in Thunder Bay if you suspect they may be unfaithful. We also know dealing with a cheating partner can be a difficult thing to go through, which is why our private investigators work with compassion, discretion and non-intrusively. We conduct all of our investigations with the utmost attention to detail and confidentiality, ensuring delicate matters are handled with care. Allow our investigation professionals to find you the information you need to find peace of mind at last! It’s always better to know for certain and not wonder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All private investigators MUST be licensed in Ontario. Each one of our Smith Investigation Agents are fully licensed under the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act. They have gone through extensive investigator training and have successfully passed the provincial exam.

Every project is different in scope. The fees we charge will depend on the type of services and time required to complete the project. Some services will be charged on an hourly basis, others are charged as a flat fee depending on the project. Before we start, we’ll provide you with an upfront quote based on your exact needs and circumstances.

No. A Private Investigator cannot make an arrest. They do not have the same power as police or peace officers. If a situation arises where the PI finds a person in the act of committing an indictable crime, they can make a citizen’s arrest and contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

It is illegal to install a wiretap or GPS device on someone else’s property without consent or a warrant. We can, however, provide you with a GPS tracking device to place on a vehicle that you own to track a family member.

There are limits to how a PI can obtain information and monitor others. For instance, they cannot impersonate an individual whose records that they are trying to obtain. They must follow the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) in regard to background checks, locating assets, and accessing government records that are not publicly available. A private investigator cannot impersonate a police officer, trespass on private property, or hack into another’s device or computer.

This is the practice of locating people who are missing. Skip tracing involves collecting relevant information on the individual and analyzing the information to determine that person’s current or future whereabouts.

Private Investigators have detailed knowledge of research techniques, surveillance techniques, and interviewing techniques. They also have more access than the average person to certain databases, resources, and tools that help them to collect information about a person. They are also more familiar with how to find certain types of information and analyze it for clues.

No, even if you suspect something, you can contact us to investigate. We will uncover the facts and provide you with the relevant proof you need.

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