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The largest city and capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg is one bustling, busy place. If you call the Gateway to the West home and need local Private Investigator services, The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. has you covered. We have the experience, discretion, tools, and techniques needed to make a difference. With our A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation and a legacy of excellence, these are Winnipeg Private Investigators you can count on.

Throughout the province of Manitoba, our team focuses on two significant categories, yet we do offer a wide variety of investigative services. We provide surveillance services for and first-rate investigative research for corporate and legal sectors as well as private individuals. With many years of professional expertise in conducting investigations and monitoring individuals behaviour from employees to cheating spouses, we function as the leading edge in the investigations industry.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Struggling to address suspicious behaviour? Get one of our Private Investigators to handle your corporate and legal investigation. We’ll ensure no stone – or incriminating file – is left unturned. Our mission is to ensure as little damage as possible to your business assets, employee retention and company growth potential. We dig deep in a discreet, professional manner to identify risks and provide you with the data and evidence necessary to take appropriate action.

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Family Investigations

The Smith Investigation Agency’s experienced team of Winnipeg Private Investigators has dealt with everything from child custody battles to other internal family conflicts. When tensions get high, and emotions fly out of control, you don’t want to try to diffuse the situation alone – you deserve a trained expert in family law and evidence collection to assist in protecting your family. Contact us today for the help you can count on.

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Investigative Research

Background Checks

Are you struggling to determine whether a past, present or future employee is being truthful? Make the right decision with full confidence in their abilities via our background check services. We’re happy to help ensure you are dealing with competent, honest, and trustworthy individuals. Alternatively, this service can be useful for landlords trying to screen out undesirable tenants and protect their investments. We deliver full, comprehensive checks focused on the analysis of an individual’s financial status, work history, criminal record, and more.

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Skip Tracing

With a 98 percent success rate, our locate and skip trace services are a proven effective means of locating missing persons. From fleeing fraudsters to estranged spouses, our robust team of experienced Private Investigators can perform as thorough of a search as necessary to find them. With the best tools, talent and determination, we’re a winning combination that consistently delivers accurate results. We can even suggest appropriate process servers if you need to serve someone court papers.

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Additional Services


Our Private Investigators have handled fraud-related cases across Canada for many years. You deserve precision-accurate reporting and evidence that can protect your best interests, and that’s what we’re proud to deliver with our data-focused approach to fraud investigations. Find out who’s the culprit, what they want, what’s at stake, and how you can minimize potential risks to your bottom line; safeguarding your assets and financial stability begins by reaching out to us.

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Asset Searches

Have a sinking feeling that assets are vanishing? There could be someone hard at work trying to twist the odds in their favour. Put a stop to it and regain control over what’s yours with our asset search services. We carefully analyze everything from bank and investment records to suspicious correspondence. Recover your belongings by being made fully aware of what has transpired, made possible through our Private Investigators’ discretion and expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as the agency providing the services is fully licensed and performs in accordance with established Canadian laws protecting clients. The Smith Investigation Agency works under full compliance with data privacy and security laws, ensuring all collected evidence can be used in your case. This way, we can present a compelling report that could mean winning in a court of law.

Our Private Investigators in Winnipeg are prepared to assist with a wide variety of discreet, professional services. These include skip tracing, locating specific individuals, carrying out fraud and WSIB investigations, performing family investigations regarding child welfare, and more. We are often selected to handle infidelity and social media monitoring cases as well.

Yes. Our Private Investigators can be very handy in helping protect the welfare of children during custody battles and family disagreements. We can monitor their wellness from afar to verify their condition or investigate if the other half of your current or previous relationship is meeting custody-related obligations. If you’re not receiving child support payments, we can discreetly investigate what is going on there as well.

Yes. Private Investigators are permitted to track and monitor the whereabouts of an individual, but only if it’s related to your specific case. This is achieved using high-tech investigative tools and reporting to come up with the most accurate possible picture of the situation at hand – often useful for infidelity or fraud investigations.

It’s best to do your research and work with those whom you know are there to deliver professional service, such as a PI firm officially licensed and certified with high ratings. In addition to an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation, the Smith Investigation Agency is a proud recipient of the Consumer Choice Award from 2017 to 2019 for the Best Private Investigators. We’ve also won the Global Excellence Award of 2017 as the Most Trusted Private Investigation Services Provider in Ottawa.

There are rare instances where a Private Investigator will be called up for a testimonial during court proceedings. This may happen if the information they have collected on your behalf could influence overall findings and reveal the truth. Sometimes, Private Investigators need to present these findings to help those assembled reach an appropriate verdict.

Yes, absolutely. Never work with a Private Investigator or agency that isn’t fully licensed. Anyone who doesn’t comply with Canadian federal and provincial laws could create legal problems for you later on. Trust in the experts with a solid reputation and certification. That way, your safety and data are always protected, and you benefit from the best possible service.

The cost of your case is going to vary from that of someone else’s. This is because we handle every case uniquely, custom tailoring our services to ensure we can produce accurate, detailed reports that can even be tendered as legal evidence. It’s always best to invest in a Private Investigator firm that has a reputation for excellence, is established, and has years of experience.

Regardless of whether each passing minute brings you closer to potential financial trouble from an internal defrauder or a child custody battle hinges on key witness statements, we can assist. In fact, we may be able to help you act more quickly on your case if we can obtain sufficient evidence in a quick timeframe, as many circumstances are time-sensitive.

Our Private Investigators undergo rigorous training as well as full background checks through the RCMP. The former ensures their suitability, certification, and situational awareness while the latter assures a clean record you can trust as the client. Always remember to only work with fully certified agencies and Private Investigators.

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