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Home to the Supreme Court of Canada and a cluster of global, leading enterprises, Ottawa is a key hub of investigative activity in Canada. Our private investigators in Ottawa are trained to deal with some of the most complex and delicate issues faced by businesses, organizations and private citizens. The Smith Investigation Agency has become known for its high standard in service and maintains its focus on quality, integrity, and consistency.

What Do We Investigate?

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Ontario is home to one of the highest rates of auto insurance fraud in Canada — in fact, the province is famed for it even outside of the country. It is also estimated that the Canadian property and casualty insurance industry paid an estimated $500 million last year for personal injury insurance claims that contained some form of fraud, according to a study released by the Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CCAIF).

We are committed to supporting Canadian businesses and individuals protect themselves against fraudulent insurance claims and insurance fraud. We continually go above and beyond to ensure exceptional quality video evidence and comprehensive reports. It is an objective of ours to frequently assist insurance companies in minimizing their damage due to misrepresentation.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

The Smith Investigation Agency believes any successful business must protect itself against all possible threats. Any corporation should have processes in place to monitor the various forms of potential fraud to which they may be vulnerable, as well as any unacceptable or even illegal behaviour being conducted by employees in the workplace.

Your employees are a direct reflection of your business and brand. As your private investigative team in Ottawa, we want to help you protect your business and your brand by setting up effective processes for monitoring employee claims and workplace behaviour. We can help you monitor and investigate fraud, workplace injuries, excessive absenteeism, theft of clients or employees, narcotics abuse at the workplace, harassment, vandalism and all other forms of unlawful activity and misconduct that stands to occur in the workplace.

Our private investigative services have proven results in the workplace including a reduction in company costs, enhancing productivity and bottom line earnings, better protection of your assets, and reduced risk of liability.

Witness Statement & Harassment Investigations

The Smith Investigation Agency is equipped to conduct police interrogation techniques and police interrogation tactics in order to assist with pre-investigative interviews, independent witness, investigation interviews, prepare a witness for the defense, interviewing suspects, locating a reluctant witness, assisting in harassment investigations, assist in workplace investigations, victim statements, interviewing witnesses, and investigative interviewing.

Our team of experts has been utilized by some of Canada’s most elite companies. Your employees are undoubtedly experienced in what they do, however conducting a witness interview or interrogation requires an expert and having a third party involved can help encourage a more transparent interview process and minimize risk. Taking an alleged victim statement requires not only expertise but compassion and understanding. Every witness interview or victim interview is different, and our team of private investigators will conduct the witness statement, interrogation, or victim statement on your behalf to ensure the highest level of professionalism and ensure there is no conflict of interest that could lead to further harassment allegations.

Risk Management & Fraud Investigations

The Anti-Fraud Centre recently reported that 41,019 Canadians issued complaints of fraudulent activity or reported being the victim of a scam. Of this number, further investigation found that 13,701 complaints were legitimate victims of fraud with a total dollar loss of $74,387,465.23 in 2014 alone.

Having knowledge of these results, we are steadfast to see these numbers decline. Our Risk Management and Anti-Fraud unit in Ottawa focuses on identifying what risks exist and then handling those risks in a way best suited to your specific objectives.

If you have been a victim of fraud in Ottawa, allow us to assess the situation and identify a clear plan forward. Our fraud division handles a wide variety of cases from small claims to cases where several millions of dollars are at risk. If you are a large corporation dealing with fraud or a private member of the public considering an investigation, contact us today and learn more about our process.

Infidelity Investigations and Private Investigations

There is a wide misconception of what a private investigator does. As private investigators, we offer a variety of services not just to businesses and insurance companies, but the public. If you suspect your spouse is cheating or being unfaithful, allow our team of private investigative professionals to begin an investigation. We have expertise in infidelity and matrimonial investigations and will provide you with the evidence you need to get peace of mind.

The Smith Investigation Agency wants to ensure clients with varying levels of resources receive the best private investigator services available. Contact our private investigation team today for a free consultation. Our private investigators are discreet, professional, and maintain the utmost in confidentiality. Call and speak with a private investigator in Ottawa today if your experiencing infidelity or signs that your spouse is having an affair.

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Private Investigator Services in Ottawa

Although our office is located in the downtown core of Ottawa, we also service the surrounding areas and cities including: Orleans, Rockland, Kanata, Cornwall, Smith Falls, Renfrew, Arnprior, Kemptville, Perth, Hawkesbury, Brockville, Petawawa, Pembroke, Kingston, Belleville, and Quinte West. The Smith Investigation Agency has private investigators throughout Ontario who possess superior skills and training and the highest degree of integrity. The Smith Investigation Agency is also pleased to offer AIR MILES® Reward Miles for all of our investigation services. Please consult your consultant at check-out for details.


Please note that while we refer to ourselves as private investigators, some refer to us as a detectives. However, this is inaccurate and actually prohibited by law, according to Ontario’s MCSCS, to present ourselves as private detectives. If you are looking to work with an investigation agency, be sure to clarify this difference before moving ahead with the service.

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