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Home to the Supreme Court of Canada and a cluster of global, leading enterprises, Ottawa is a key hub of investigative activity in Canada. As the capital, it experiences surges of asset growth and business development across multiple sectors as well as an ongoing residential construction boom. Our private investigators in Ottawa are trained to deal with some of the most complex and delicate issues faced by businesses, organizations and private citizens in the National Capital Region. The Smith Investigation Agency is a Nationally known and highly respected Private Investigative firm. We maintain a high standard in customer service and focus on quality, integrity and consistency.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Your employees are a direct reflection of your business and brand. As Private Investigators in Ottawa, we want to protect your business and your reputation by setting up effective processes for monitoring employee claims and workplace behaviour. We can help you monitor and investigate fraud, workplace injuries, excessive absenteeism, theft of clients or employees, narcotics abuse at the workplace, harassment, vandalism and more. Reach out to our Ottawa office today for a free consultation.

Family Investigations

There are a variety of investigative services that a family my use. It could be dealing with infidelity in your marriage or relationship. Or, it could be a child custody situation where you need surveillance to prove the former partner is working to garnish wages. Alternatively, you may also want to monitor who is spending time with your children while in care of your former partner. Our team of professional private investigators in Ottawa will conduct an in-depth investigation to determine what activity is taking place. We will provide you with court-ready evidence if your case needs to go to court. If not, you will have the knowledge and peace of mind to make well-informed decisions.

Investigative Research:

Background Checks

With our company being national, we have access to more information than the average Private Investigators in Ottawa. Our background checks on individuals or corporations are fully in-depth and provide you with the answers you deserve. If you need to look into a nanny you may hire, a contractor you want to work with or a person you’re dating, perhaps you want to confirm the information you’ve been told. No matter the reason, our team can perform everything a public records or criminal background check in Ottawa. We can customize the search depending on your needs.

Skip Tracing Services

Many people try and use online resources to locate individuals. However, they end up spending time and money with no results. Allow our team of skip tracers in Ottawa to provide you with the answers you need. If you’re trying to locate someone for legal reasons such as serving them paperwork or looking for a former tenant or contractor that wronged you, we can help. Using our skip tracing tools and access to information throughout Canada, we can confidently locate the individual you’re seeking to find. We have a 98 percent success rate from locating thousands of individuals. Trust the experts at The Smith Investigation Agency to conduct your skip trace investigations in Ottawa.

Additional Services:


Our anti-fraud and risk management unit in Ottawa focuses on identifying what risks exist and then handles them in a way best suited to your specific objectives. If you have been a victim of fraud, allow our team of Private Investigators in Ottawa to assess the situation and identify a clean plan forward. Our fraud division handles a wide variety of cases, from small claims to cases where several million dollars are at risk. If you are a large corporation, private individual or law firm dealing with fraud, contact us today and learn more about our investigative process. We obtain substantial evidence and facts that can be used to bring truth, protecting you and your assets more efficiently.

Customized Investigations

There are many services our Private Investigators in Ottawa complete regularly that are customized based on the client’s needs. Having completed thousands of cases, we know first-hand that no two files are alike, which is why you can share with us the details of your case for a personalized solution. After all, a blanket approach is not good enough when it comes to investigative services such as ours. Your case may require a mixture of cyber research, surveillance, and investigative services like background checks or locate services. No matter your need, we can assist. Our Ottawa team is here to help, as are those in our other offices found throughout Canada.

And More…

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Private Investigator Services in Ottawa

Although our Private Investigative office is located in the downtown core of Ottawa near Parliament, we also service the surrounding areas and cities including: Orleans, Rockland, Kanata, Barrhaven, Cornwall, Smith Falls, Renfrew, Arnprior, Kemptville, Perth, Hawkesbury, Brockville, Petawawa, Pembroke, Kingston, Belleville, and Quinte West. The Smith Investigation Agency has private investigators throughout Ontario and Canada who possess superior skills and training and the highest degree of integrity. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and to get started. We look forward to working with you!


Disclaimer: While we refer to ourselves as private investigators, some refer to us as private detectives or détective privé in French-speaking areas of Ottawa and Hull – Montreal, Quebec. However, it is inaccurate and prohibited by law, according to Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services (MCSCS), to present ourselves as private detectives in Ottawa. If you are looking to work with an investigation agency, be sure to clarify this difference before moving ahead with the service.

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