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The Smith Investigation Agency’s Barrie office is ready to deliver the highest quality of private investigative services to Barrie, Innisfil, Bradford, Orillia, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. We are a nationally known private investigative agency with a reputation of integrity and superior results in surveillance and investigative research. Our office in Barrie is located near Dunlop Street and Anne Street, proudly serving Barrie and the surrounding area. If you need a Private Investigator in Barrie call today for a free consultation.


What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Many businesses and individuals turn to us for comprehensive investigations that can bring hidden risks to the surface with supporting factual data. From WSIB – employment investigations, to undercover investigations, surveillance and fraud. We work with some of Canada’s largest corporations and legal teams to provide the best quality in investigative services. No matter your need for an investigator you can trust that The Smith Investigation Agency can provide your team the results you need to pursue legal action or make informed decisions.

Family Investigations

We have worked with hundreds of families over the years to not only determine what activity may be taking place but provide solid evidence to assist you in your decision or legal action. From infidelity investigations and providing you surveillance to determine who your spouse is spending time with during an affair. To child custody cases where you need to prove your former spouse is working and have wages garnished or even to determine who is spending time with your children. We provide a variety of customizable services for families and can determine the best plan of action with discretion and professionalism in the utmost importance.

Investigative Research:

Background Checks

Our investigative research team is highly qualified and has completed thousands of thorough Background checks in Barrie and throughout Canada. With our agency having locations in multiple provinces we have access to a greater amount of information, resources and databases. This ensures that when we perform your background check you obtain more valuable information. If you need to determine a loved one’s history, check for previous marital information, perform a background check on an employee or a caretaker you want to hire. Our team can assist and provide you the results you need.

Skip Tracing Services

Our skiptrace department is one of the largest in Canada and provides the highest turnaround of results with flat rate pricing and no hidden fees or false promises. We perform locate searches for businesses, legal professionals and the general public. From locating a missing debtor or former contractor, to missing family members, missing heir and beneficiaries, and former friends etc. We have completed thousands of successful searches and continue to provide locate services in Barrie. If you need to locate someone contact our office today for pricing and further information.

Additional Services:

Fraud & Scams

We are seeing a growing number of scams and fraud happening in Ontario especially online scams for items on Kijiji or other platforms. If you have purchased a product online from a source you thought was reputable only to find out they were not, we can find the person or organization involved and you can pursue legal action. If you have been a victim of fraud our anti-fraud team can examine the data and determine what solution and evidence, we can provide. our Barrie office today for a free consultation.

Private Investigations

There are so many services that Barrie Private Investigators offer that may not even be mentioned on our website. We know that every service and case is very different and therefore they cannot be treated the same. We enjoy a challenge so if you case seems difficult or someone else is unable to complete it call our team today and we can discuss a plan of action to provide you with the services you need.

And More…

For a full list of services, please visit our services page.

Need a private investigator? Contact us directly for a confidential consultation.

Private Investigator Services in Barrie – Innisfil

If you need a private investigator in or around Barrie, give us a call! We serve surrounding areas including Orillia, Oro, Oro-Medonte, Angus, Collingwood, Innisfil, Bradford, Orangeville, Midhurst, Midland, Shanty Bay and Wasaga Beach. The Smith Investigation Agency offers a full variety of professional services, with expert private investigators handling every case. With our surveillance services, we regularly work with businesses, corporations and law firms to assist in WSIB claim investigations, insurance claims and fraud allegations, as well as working with the public completing child custody investigations, infidelity and adultery investigations. With our corporate clients as well as the public, we also offer TSCM-debugging, and asset searches. Our research team is backed by years of expertise in investigative research services, including background checks, skip tracing, locate services, asset searches, social media monitoring, lien searches and more.


Disclaimer: Private investigators can be referred to as private detectives by the public however we cannot legally advertise as Private Detectives in Barrie. We can only advertise as Barrie Private Investigators.

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