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The Smith Investigation Agency operates out of Scarborough in a discreet, professional manner to deliver accurate data every time. We offer a broad range of services to Eastern Greater Toronto Area residents and business owners. This includes surveillance for businesses, legal, corporate, WSIB- employment investigations and private individuals as well as investigative research including asset searches, background checks and skip trace services. Our investigative services in surveillance and research exceed that of the industry.


With A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation, our team operates to deliver exceptional service and dependable results every time with utmost discretion. We have in-depth knowledge and proven expertise in the Scarborough area that gives us a leading edge. Our private investigative teams have been conducting investigations in Scarborough for more than ten years.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Suspicious and inappropriate behaviour happens in any business. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in a difficult situation and face it alone. If you need expert investigative services, turn to us. Our team can help you minimize your risks and protect your assets.  We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to protect your brand and bottom line. The Smith Investigation Agency’s professional and discreet approach to corporate and civil investigations enables for you to focus on your business while we get to the root of the issue, identify it and present our findings to you.

Family Investigations

The well-being of your family is important to you. Safeguard it with our private investigative services. We’ll interview individuals with critical data, consult documentation and photographic evidence, and compile in-depth reports for your convenience and peace of mind. Our private investigators work discreetly and professionally to deliver the most accurate results possible. If you believe there is suspicious activity unfolding that could jeopardize your household’s safety or welfare, The Smith Investigation Agency can help. There may be more to the story than you know, and we can unearth it with discretion and a fine attention to detail.

Investigative Research:

Skip Trace Services

If you need to locate someone quickly and accurately, consider The Smith Investigation Agency’s skip tracing services. We work discreetly and move fast to isolate the location of “missing” persons, runaways and others. Whether or not you fear for someone’s safety or want to track them down for a witness statement, our private investigators will use the latest technology and years of experience to get the results you need. We offer a quick turnaround and dependable results for greater peace of mind.

Our private investigative services have proven results in the workplace including a reduction in company costs, enhancing productivity and bottom line earnings, better protection of your assets, and reduced risk of liability.

Background Checks

Are you a landlord with someone applying as a tenant who you don’t trust? Or, are you a business owner with suspicions about one of your employees? Contact The Smith Investigation Agency today for comprehensive background checks that clarify any concerns with concrete facts. We perform this service with absolute discretion and ensure you are kept up-to-date on the latest developments. We will report on our findings to help you paint the clearest picture possible, using everything from tenant screening and credential verification to bankruptcy inquiries, criminal checks and more.


Family & Private

If you or your family feel threatened or manipulated, you can trust us to get to the root of the issue, identify it and present valid facts for you to consult. We handle family and private cases quietly and with a focus on the details, protecting you from stressful situations. We deliver invaluable proof that gives you the peace of mind and confidence needed to move forward appropriately. The Smith Investigation Agency’s family and private investigations are handled by expertly skilled private investigators who follow Ontario laws every step of the way.

Workplace Injury

If you’ve suffered from an accident on the job and want to secure proof of your being wronged, let us take care of it. Our private investigators are experts at digging deep to uncover the true cause of workplace injuries. Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative investigative techniques, we pool evidence such as statements, video recordings, still images and other documentation to support your side of the story. If it turns out that your employer or someone you work with was the cause of the injury, you’ll receive the proof – and peace of mind – that you deserve.

And More…

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Private Investigator Services in Scarborough

The growing need for investigative services in Scarborough, Markham, Pickering and Ajax prompted us to open our east end of Toronto location. We have experienced private investigators in every area of the GTA to save on travel costs but also to ensure the investigators are familiar with the areas that they work in to guarantee a better outcome on your investigative services. The Smith Investigation Agency’s Scarborough office is located in Scarborough at Kennedy Road and Ellesmere Road near Scarborough Town Centre. With thousands of surveillance-related files and various checks completed over the years, we know what needs to be done to protect your identity and well-being while delivering the most accurate information possible.


Disclaimer: While we refer to ourselves as private investigators, some refer to us as detectives. However, it is inaccurate and prohibited by law according to Ontario’s MCSCS to present ourselves as the latter. If you are looking to work with an investigation agency, please be aware of the difference beforehand.

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