Private Investigator-Skip Trace Services – What’s The Process?

Private Investigator-Skip Trace Services – What’s The Process?

We deal with hundreds of cases per year where individuals, companies, former landlords, etc. need to locate an individual. But it could also be locating a missing family member our investigators use the most advanced databases as well as have a team of skip tracers that have knowledge and undeniable skill in locating missing debtors, locating missing family, missing witnesses, and more.


So what is a locate also known as a Skiptrace?


In a skip trace, we are searching for an individual who for any reason is someone you cannot locate. For instance, if your a landlord and your tenant vacated the property without paying their bill we can use skip trace services to locate the missing debtor. As well lawyers and businesses may use the skiptracing services to find out more information on a client, witnesses, etc.


How does a skip tracing company help me?


Once you contact us and inform us of your situation, we will make a plan to locate the person or persons who need locating. We will intake all necessary information to give to our skip trace investigators, and we use only the best skip tracing tools, and skip trace sites for information.


Are private investigators skip tracers? Or should I use a process server?


In our experience, a doctor is a doctor, and a mechanic is a mechanic, and you wouldn’t want your mechanic to perform surgery on you. IN the same sense you would not want a company who is not a skip trace company with licensed private investigators working on your file. We hear all too often individuals and companies who use process servers and find that the process server was not able to complete the skip trace in Canada.


Skip tracing Toronto vs. Skiptracing Ontario?


Some people feel if they live in rural Northern Ontario or rural Ottawa Valley that they may have to hire a company from Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Hamilton or the GTA. This is not true we know several quality companies operating in London, Windsor, Barrie, Sudbury, North Bay, Thunder Bay and other various cities. So do not feel like you have to have private investigators who offer skip searches from the Toronto, GTA area.


Who is the best Skiptrace company?


We are! lol. In all seriousness, there are several companies which we could easily recommend offer quality services, but then we could list hundreds who are not. The best thing you can do is do your homework on the company who is going to complete the locate. Are they accredited with multiple known organizations? This ensures companies work within the law and within the guidelines of the organizations, they are apart of. If they have no accreditations or known affiliations and do not have a strong online presence, I would suggest contacting someone else for your skip traces.


So how do I start the locate and how long does it take?


Once you have decided you a ready to move forward with the locating company for instance, in this case, lets assume that company is us The Smith Investigation Agency-Skip Trace Professionals. We would inform you of our flat rate pricing with no hidden fees. We would then point you in the direction of our general assignment form on our website where we intake all subject information. Once the form is completed, we will send you an online invoice as we do take payment for all investigative services upfront and once payment for the skip trace is completed, we will begin to work on your case.


How long for results on my investigative research?


Generally, we say 2-7 business days for results, but in some cases, we can have information same day or within 48 hours. It depends on the case and the amount of information provided. Our skip trace techniques and skip tracing resources set us apart. We are not just using skip tracing programs and the best skip tracing software. Our team are the best private investigators in Toronto, Ottawa, and Ontario. We have the awards to prove it!


Skip Tracer Jobs?


If you are looking at how to become a skip tracer you can learn more about the industry online as well we offer private investigator training courses in Ontario. We are the largest and best online investigator and security guard training course provider.

If you need assistance for investigative services and want to talk to a professional and knowledgeable private investigator in Ontario, please call an office closest to you. For convenience for our clients, we have offices in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Richmond Hill-Aurora, Barrie, Ottawa, North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, and Thunder Bay. You can email our office for more information

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