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Alberta is a sprawling province rich in industries, resources and many close-knit communities to call home. As an essential trade and business hub for Canadians, it’s a popular area in which to work and live. But what happens when you need professional help with addressing issues such as infidelity or corporate fraud, among others? The Smith Investigation Agency’s Alberta-based private investigators are fully certified, trained and prepared to help resolve various problems that impact their work and home lives, including situations that affect finances, safety ands wellness. Our team is renowned for its focus on quality control, integrity, security and consistency. We are here to deliver the best private investigative services to Albertans.

What Do We Investigate?

Our investigative services involve comprehensive research, data analysis, skip trace and locate services. With many years of professional expertise in conducting corporate investigations and monitoring behavior of everyone from employees to cheating spouses, we function as the leading edge.


Social Media Monitoring

Otherwise known as SMI or SOCMINT, our social media monitoring services enable for you to efficiently monitor social channels, conversations and engagements between your pages and users. The Smith Investigation Agency incorporates discreet and analytic methods to deliver accurate information and help you make sense of your social media activity. We create complete activity reports for you as well, giving you plenty of up-to-the-minute data to work with. Combined with our ability to perform deep dives on the web as well as our expert investigative team’s abilities, you get clear and dependable results every time.

Skip Tracing Services

We have a 98 percent success rate with skip trace and skip searching services, and with a robust team of experienced investigative experts, we can complete a full locate, background check or skip search within a few business days. We have the best skip tracing tools to obtain the information you need, and we are dedicated to continually exceeding the private investigative industry standard. Currently, we do not offer process serving. However, we can suggest a variety of reputable process serving companies.

Investigative Research:

Corporate & Legal

Illegal behavior is also something that businesses need to actively monitor. The employees working in your name are directly representative of your brand image, and your company’s reputation may suffer if their activity isn’t adequately observed. The Smith Investigative Agency can step in with comprehensive monitoring and investigative services aimed at addressing various forms of abuse, workplace injuries, theft, harassment vandalism and more. Our private investigators are capable of producing stellar results you can depend on. Ensure your business is protected now and for the foreseeable future today with our corporate and legal investigative services.

Witness Statement and/or Harassment Investigations

The Smith Investigation Agency is fully equipped and prepared to apply police interrogation techniques and tactics to assist with securing information from witnesses. We can help with pre-investigative interviews, preparing a witness for the defense, interviewing suspects, locating and speaking to independent witnesses, assisting in harassment investigations, and much more.

Our experts are specially trained to handle any form of harassment by conducting thoughtful, compelling interviews and interrogations. This allows for a non-biased, transparent view into what is unfolding, enabling for you to solve the problem more efficiently. Compassion, understanding, and respect to the situation at hand is a must when it comes to securing statements and speaking to witnesses. We operate in Alberta to deliver the most professional, attentive and efficient investigations possible.


Asset Search

Whether you want to recover stolen assets or simply want to investigate someone’s holdings, The Smith Investigation Agency can help. Our asset searches are comprehensive, pulling the past into the present in the form of compelling details on everything from bank records to investments. Paint a clear picture on an individual, company or organization, identify if a family member is hiding money owed to you, and much more. Our private investigators and research team leave nothing to chance, carefully examining every bit of asset-related data to bring the truth to the surface.

Family Investigations

The well-being of your family is important to you. Safeguard it with our private investigative services. We’ll interview individuals with critical data, consult documentation and photographic evidence, and compile in-depth reports for your convenience and peace of mind. Our private investigators work discreetly and professionally to deliver the most accurate results possible. If you believe there is suspicious activity unfolding that could jeopardize your household’s safety or welfare, The Smith Investigation Agency can help. There may be more to the story than you know, and we can unearth it with discretion and a fine attention to detail.

And More…

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Private Investigator Services in Alberta

The Smith Investigation Agency’s services are available to all major cities in Alberta including Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding local communities such as Whitecourt and Drumheller. We employ private investigators for professional, discreet and dependable operation throughout Alberta, each of which has exceptional training and refined abilities to ensure absolute integrity and competency. We are also pleased to offer AIR MILES Reward Miles for all our investigation services. Please speak to your consultant at check-out for further details.

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