The Smith Investigation Agency’s

Private Investigators

At the Smith Investigation Agency, we pride ourselves on having the best private investigators in Canada working with our team. We want to have a smooth, easy and confidentially discrete way of holding your private information as well as informing you of our procedures and business practices.


Below we ask that you input your information as well as read all the inputs.


All of our investigators are required to complete this form, that way we have the most current information as well as the investigators having an understanding of changes made within the company.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please include 1-2 family members or friends. Please include first and last names, address, phone number, email etc.
  • If you have more than one camera please include the model numbers of the additional equipment. Does your camera have night shot? Does it have lenses that can be added for additional distance when obtaining video?
  • If you do not have an undercover camera just say N/A
  • The investigator understands that all time stamps (hourly video clips) on surveillance should be a minimum of 10 seconds with limited to no zooming.
  • The investigator understands that zooming should be kept to a minimum and only used when necessary. Zooming should not be done excessively or in an out consistently. Zooming should be completed at the right times and using the camera buttons to do so rather than speedily do so slowly.
  • When the file is completed all video is to be sent to with the date and time stamp included and ensure the date and time is correct for the days completed. Any errors will result in pay being delayed. Payment is sent once video and reporting have been sent in and have no errors.
  • All investigators are given a template to complete our reporting, and the model must be used entirely. We understand that some companies use different types of reporting styles however we require our writing style and format to be used. If the format, wording and style is not used the report will be rejected and pay held until it is completed and done to our specification.
  • Once a file is completed all video and reports are required within 24 hours of completion of the file. To obtain payment, all video and reporting must be completed as per our specifications. If the video and reporting are not in, we will have to withhold payment until it is turned in according to our requirements. Once all evidence is turned in, we have a processing time of up to 15 business days to issue payment. In most cases payment is completed sooner however we have up to 15 business days to send payment.
  • If you complete a file and do not turn in the video or have issues with the video pay may be withheld until the video is turned in. If video is not submitted pay will not be issued.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
  • By selecting this field the investigator confirms his or her agreement to the terms mentioned in the form. All fields in this form must be completed.
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