Security Guard – The Career that Keeps on Giving

Security Guard – The Career that Keeps on Giving

Security guard is one of the occupations across Canada and the United States that truly helps to keep people, their property and valuables safe. It’s an important job, one that is seeing a significant increase in demand within the job market across North America.

What could be better than that?

Well, in Ontario, earning a security guard license is something anyone can do in his or her spare time. And the best part is, once you have your security guard license, you can combine these courses with a few additional ones to also earn your private investigator’s license.

Launch Your Career – Today not Tomorrow

There are so many careers that require degrees and years of study before you can even get out there and actually do the job. Obtaining your security guard license and private investigator’s license however, is much faster. Plus, it involves a lot of practical, hands-on experience that just isn’t provided in other career paths.

If you are 18 years of age, can legally work in Canada and have a clean criminal record, you are eligible to get your security guard license and private investigator’s license. While different organizations offer different variations of both security guard and private investigator courses, they only require 50 hours of your time and can be completed either online or in-class.

The point is: you don’t have to wait years to start your career. From start to finish, you could obtain your license within a couple of months! The best part is many of the companies that offer security guard and private investigator courses also offer job opportunities to their graduates. Here at the Smith Investigation Agency, we hire many of our successful students the moment they obtain their license. The benefit to this is that it makes it possible for you to start working and building a career—while many of your peers continue to sit in a classroom.

But . . . Do I Have What it Takes?

There are so many personality types out there, and it’s true that some of them just aren’t suited to security guard or private investigator work. However, we feel that there are three core qualities that make the best security guards and private investigators—qualities that most people need to do any job, in any market.

Honesty: Many different types of companies hire security guards and private investigators. The reason why they need these types of employees varies from company to company, but in general, they need someone who will protect their assets. They don’t want someone who will steal from them, or lie about their whereabouts or even particular confrontations.

Awareness: Observing people and how they act in different situations is an important aspect of a security guard and private investigator’s job. They need to be able to act quickly and effectively, which they can’t do if they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings and equipment.

Communication Skills: The ability to communicate with employers, suspects and other security guards and private investigators is a critical part of the job. Clear communication can truly change a tense situation into a calm one, preventing people from getting hurt. Written communication in reports also provide important details required to clearly understand the details of a case or incident.

In addition to these three attributes, it is also important to learn how to understand what the client wants or needs from you. Many security guards and private investigators take on different clients who require specific tasks to be carried out. Having the ability to understand and then carry out your assignments and duty is a great asset to these roles.

An Incredible Opportunity – Today and Tomorrow

Obtaining your security guard and private investigator licenses can act as a stepping-stone to help you land other job opportunities.

For example, many people across Canada who want to become police officers take our combined course. The advantage to this is that we then provide those individuals with real, applicable experience. That experience at such an early age provides greater opportunities much faster.

So, if you are 18 years of age, taking the security guard course and will help you to get a job in the industry. You can work part time, or during the summer months to gain experience. Then, when you are ready to become a police officer, you’ve greatly increased your chances of being accepted into the program. Alternatively, you could even start your own security guard business, or private investigation agency. The options are limitless and your future is incredibly bright!

Ready to earn your security guard license? You’re in luck! We offer award-winning training in many different locations across Ontario. Contact us for more information: 647-479-8474 or

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