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Family and Private Investigations

What is it?

At The Smith Investigation Agency Inc., we are committed to ensuring discretion and providing you with professional investigative services that will provide peace of mind. We have worked with hundreds of families with a variety of investigative needs. Family investigations are different than other files in many ways, but one of the most important is there is an emotional attachment that we recognize. You are not just any client you’re a client who may be fighting for your family or dealing with deception or the loss of family. Our team of professional and compassionate female private investigators will listen and understand your needs and work with you to have a plan of action and provide the best services for your case.

Examples of family investigations in surveillance?

You may require surveillance to determine who is spending time with your children while they are in the care of someone else. It may be a wellness check to have someone monitor your children or elderly family members to ensure safety and well being. You may need to confirm the workplace of a former spouse so wages can be garnished. To determine if your children while in the care of someone else are being abandoned or left in unsafe conditions. To determine if your spouse is being faithful. Or to even surveil your children to ensure they are not involved in drugs or other dangerous activity. There, of course, are many more, but these are just a few.

Examples of family investigations in research?

If you are searching for a birth mother or father, locate long-lost family members, wellness check or background check to determine the safety of the individual or individuals. Court searches including marital or death certificates, asset searches to determine a family member or former spouses assets for garnishment purposes, place of employment search for family members or former partners, property search, and more.

Our team provides you with factual evidence for your case, and we will attend court if needed with our findings!

Types of services we offer

  • Surveillance
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Proof of Income Investigation
  • Place of Employment Search
  • Family – Spousal Activity Checks
  • Child – Teenage – Senior Wellness Checks
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Identification of “Other Persons.”
  • Background Checks
  • Landlord – Tenant Investigations
  • Locate Person (s)
  • Social Media Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our experts can be used to find specific evidence and perform a number of key functions during the process. This can often include gathering evidence on a cheating spouse, finding hidden assets, and identifying illegal activity. We can also be called to present evidence and to testify in court.

Licensed PIs are often hired to do fact-finding in child custody cases. Each case is different but generally, a private investigator will collect evidence that’s relative to the case, perform surveillance and tracking measures, and conduct background checks. The work often includes monitoring the individual to see where they go, who they spend their time with, and how they interact with the children. Investigators can also look for criminal activity, any dangerous habits like drug abuse or gambling, and any signs that can indicate that the children are living in an unsafe environment.

We use special databases, software, and skip tracing tools that are not generally available to the public to obtain sensitive data. Private investigators have also undergone specialized training to help them to analyze information to prove a claim, effectively question witnesses, conceal their identity when working undercover, and present the information correctly to obtain a successful result in court.

In many cases, yes we can. We have access to specialty software and tools that allow us to obtain documents that may have been deleted or removed. Even if the files have been permanently destroyed, there are other methods that we can use to prove that the information was intentionally damaged or destroyed.

There are several reasons to hire a private investigator for a family matter, but here are 5 instances where our services are absolutely necessary: - Your child has been abducted or is likely to be abducted by the other parent - You believe your child’s safety or security is being threatened, but can’t prove it - You believe assets are being withheld or distributed illegally - The police are unable to find an ex-spouse who has skipped town - Someone is threatening you or your family physically, financially, or through blackmail

You should only use a professional investigator who has full knowledge of the provincial and federal laws regarding monitoring and surveillance. In the event that you ask a friend to take photos or monitor them, they might use an illegal technique such as wiretapping or trespassing on private property which can lead to criminal prosecution. Additionally, once someone knows they are being watched, it becomes more difficult to obtain evidence in the future. Surveillance and tracking measures should only be conducted by a professionally trained and licensed PI who knows what practices are legal and admissible in court.

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