Family and Private Investigations

At The Smith Investigation Agency, we are committed to ensuring discretion and providing you with professional investigative services that will provide peace of mind. We have worked with hundreds of families with a variety of investigative needs. Family investigations are different than other files in many ways, but one of the most important is there is an emotional attachment that we recognize. You are not just any client you’re a client who may be fighting for your family or dealing with deception or the loss of family. Our team of professional and compassionate female private investigators will listen and understand your needs and work with you to have a plan of action and provide the best services for your case.


What are some examples of family investigations in surveillance?


You may require surveillance to determine who is spending time with your children while they are in the care of someone else. It may be a wellness check to have someone monitor your children or elderly family members to ensure safety and well being. You may need to confirm the workplace of a former spouse so wages can be garnished. To determine if your children while in the care of someone else are being abandoned or left in unsafe conditions. To determine if your spouse is being faithful. Or to even surveil your children to ensure they are not involved in drugs or other dangerous activity. There, of course, are many more, but these are just a few.


What are some examples of family investigations with research?


If you are searching for a birth mother or father, locate long-lost family members, wellness check or background check to determine the safety of the individual or individuals. Court searches including marital or death certificates, asset searches to determine a family member or former spouses assets for garnishment purposes, place of employment search for family members or former partners, property search, and more.


Our team provides you with factual evidence for your case, and we will attend court if needed with our findings!


Some of the services we offer to private individuals are:

  • Surveillance
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Proof of Income Investigation
  • Place of Employment Search
  • Family – Spousal Activity Checks
  • Child – Teenage – Senior Wellness Checks
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Identification of “Other Persons.”
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Background Checks
  • Landlord – Tenant Investigations
  • Locate Person (s)

No matter what your family needs for investigative services we have the best team in Canada with experience, knowledge, and skills to obtain the results you need for your investigation. We work throughout Canada in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario and in the major cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Barrie, Calgary, Edmonton, and Halifax to serve you better. We also operate throughout the provinces we are in so if you are in a city outside of the above listed we can assist. Please complete an inquiry form, and our team can discuss your case and give you pricing right away.

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