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GPS Tracking Devices

What is it?

The Smith Investigation Agency can supply highly accurate and GPS tracking devices on a rental or for-sale basis. These powerful and discreet little devices are useful for identifying routing patterns of specific vehicles, enabling for you to definitively ascertain the activities of a specific individual or group. We are one of few agencies in the area that provide such sophisticated technology, which is intended only for legal use.

Are you concerned for a loved one’s safety behind the wheel due to an addiction? Or, perhaps you live in a rough neighbourhood and want to keep an eye on your vehicle — a valuable and necessary tool — at all costs? Regardless, our GPS tracking devices can legally and efficiently lend a hand in regards to protecting yourself and others.

What is a GPS Tracking Device?

GPS trackers are small and computerized devices that can be affixed to a vehicle. They utilize real-time location tracking technology to efficiently collect information about where a specific vehicle goes. These are useful for individuals seeking to install a more affordable means of surveillance to protect themselves, others, and their property. Legal examples include businesses installing them to monitor employee usage of company vehicles, as well as new car owners seeking to protect their vehicle from theft in a less-than-desirable area. With consent, they are also great and affordable alternatives to performing activity checks on individuals such as ex-spouses with shared child custody.

Advantages of GPS Tracking

A great deal of valuable information can be obtained from our GPS tracking devices, including a vehicle’s speeds, specific location, idling time, braking, and manoeuvring when in operation. This can help to protect against inebriated vehicle operation, abduction, and thefts as well as mishandling and speeding.

If private investigation services are not in your budget at this time, renting or buying a GPS tracking device can get you the information you need. Likewise, if you suspect a spouse, teenager, or employee of untoward activity, renting or buying a GPS tracking device can be a good precursor to hiring a private investigator.

The Smith Investigation Agency supplies GPS tracking devices for rental or purchase to corporate and private clients throughout the province of Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury, Niagara, Barrie, and more.

The Smith Investigation Agency is proud to offer such reliable and highly accurate devices for legal use (always with vehicle owner consent), and we encourage you to reach out to us today to secure a rental or purchase one to help ease your worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most popular applications for GPS tracking devices include:

  • Tracking movements of children and teens to ensure their safety
  • Checking if a new teen driver is speeding or veering off course
  • Monitoring a spouse if you suspect of cheating
  • Keeping track of employees to ensure they are not moving outside of designated boundaries
  • Keeping track of an employee’s use of time, how often they stopped or how far they have travelled

It is entirely legal to use a GPS device on any vehicle or asset that you own. If you plan to place a GPS device on someone else’s vehicle, you will require permission to do so.

It can be placed in a car, SUV, truck or inside fleets of vehicles that you own.

The GPS tracking system uses a network of satellites that transmits signals to the GPS device to provide information on the vehicle’s location and direction. This information is then relayed to the GPS tracking app that can be downloaded onto any of your devices.

The GPS device can record a number of data points including the date, time, location, speed, idling time, braking, and direction of travel.

Our GPS tracking devices will work anywhere, even across borders.

Yes. The GPS devices that we use can work with all types of vehicles including medium and light duty trucks.

Very accurate. Our GPS tracker can pinpoint someone’s exact location within a few meters.

That will depend on whether you are buying one of our devices or renting it. Contact us directly to discuss the pricing options based on your needs.

It is highly unlikely. The devices that we use are very discreet. Our team will provide you with some helpful pointers on where to install the device to ensure that it is not easily spotted.

One of our experts will be happy to show you how to use it. We are also available by phone 7 days a week to answer your questions and to help if you need any assistance using the device.

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