Investigative Research and Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is a service where you request a Private Investigator or Skip Tracer to find a particular person or persons. Skip Tracing Tools are most often used to find Missing Debtors, Child Support Payers, Witnesses, Background Checks, and for Pre-Employment Screening. However, there are many Companies and Individuals that utilize Skiptracing services in personal life as well as in Business. Our Skip Tracing Services are unlike any in the industry our Skip Search and Skip trace services ensure you find the information you need. Our Skip trace investigators have completed over 2000 skip trace searches.

Skip Tracing

Companies face considerable expense and time when trying to recover losses following a civil proceeding. Debtors can be difficult to locate, and assets can be difficult to identify. We will help you to locate the debtor; our investigation will focus on locating assets available for seizure and sources of garnishment, including through coordinated efforts with your legal counsel our investigation will provide actionable evidence to proceed with the seizure of property and garnishment of income to recover your financial losses.

With The Smith Investigation Agency, your risk is minimized!

What Can a Skip Tracer Provide?

Locate your civil claim defendants and family claim respondents

Locate an individual for the purpose of process serving

Locate your witness in a civil claim or insurance investigation

Locate a client who has failed to pay their legal fees

Locate beneficiaries or executors, or your client’s long lost relatives

Locate debtors to serve notice

Locate debtors for the purpose of obtaining, renewing or exercising your client’s judgment

Locate contact information to assist you for any legal and legitimate reason

Our Skip Tracing Services Include:

Education & Credential Verification

Employment Reference Verification

Civil Litigation Inquiries

Bankruptcy Inquiries

Address Verification

Driver’s Abstracts

Personal Property Security Registration Searches (Lien searches)

Asset Recovery and Tracing

Corporate & Business Searches

Tenant Screening

Civil Court Searches

Criminal Record Checks (with consent)

Credit Inquiries

There are no hidden charges for our tracing services.

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