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Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services (TSCM)

What are Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Services?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (T.S.C.M.) Services in Canada from Whitney Joy Smith on Vimeo.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is a service provided by a professional team to help keep your home, office, and other spaces secure from those who wish you or your business harm. Having a team of private investigators to assist in your services, is imperative to the privacy of information and confidentiality. TSCM also refers to bug sweeps, sweeping, debugging. 

This is where we come in here at The Smith Investigation Agency. Our bug sweeps and other forms of TSCM services are proactive, fully complaint, and optimized with care based around the precise risks and needs you are met with. Learn more about the fundamentals of these services and get in touch with our team today for assistance.

TSCM Services We offer

We’re prepared to assist you in the following ways and more as part of our dedicated bug sweeps and other TSCM capabilities.

• Comprehensive inspections, monitoring (including remotely), analysis, and RF spectrum interrogations upon request
• Reporting on findings to help ensure an effective resolution
• Advisory services to ensure informed clients and an optimal custom TSCM approach
• Reviewing properties/assets/TSCM feasibility before, during, and after renovations, construction, and other projects that potentially introduce risk elements
• Search-and-rescue capabilities through the tracking of homing beacons, emergency transmitters, and other deployed communications technologies
• Proactive planning and risk assessments to determine weak areas/issues in most urgent need of appropriate countermeasures
• Equipment and strategy verification and refinements based on your needs
• Informative guidance and educating employees/employers on best practices

Devices/Equipment We Use

Depending on what you require of our TSCM services, some or all of the software and/or hardware below may be utilized as we carry out our duties:

• FLIR T1020 infrared (IR) camera
• Optic2 optical camera detector
• FLIR E76-14
• RadioInspector software
• Wi-Fi inspection system
• Krypto500 / Krypto1000 software for signal decoding
• Cayman 402/403, Lornet-24, RECON 2.4, LUX, and other non-linear junction detectors
• Under-door viewer (UDV)
• P.C. pro pole camera
• Spider 301 wireline analyzer
• ST 600 bug and camera detector
• EARWIG stereophonic stethoscope (STS)
• CO2 detector (gas data, hidden person)
• OCD20 camera lens detection system
• Cellular Safe 22
• Nanuk and/or Pelican cases

Possible signs of compromise

  • Other parties are aware of confidential information
  • Information during private meetings or conversations has become public
  • Your activities are known to people when they shouldn’t be
  • Static or popping sounds on your phone lines
  • Noise from phones that are not in use
  • Tones or high-pitched sounds heard when the phone is picked up
  • Televisions or radios begin exhibiting interference
  • A break-in has occurred, but nothing is taken
  • Electrical and light switch wall plates have been tampered with
  • Gifts from vendors, customers, or friends, or strange objects appearing without your knowledge
  • Drywall or ceiling tile debris is visible on desks, tables or floors
  • Ceiling tiles are broken or out of place
  • Unknown vehicles appear nearby and remain suspiciously

Frequently Asked Questions

We perform the due diligence that’s necessary to locate all electronic devices that are being used. The most common locations that spy devices are planted include offices and conference rooms, vehicles, audio and video devices, servers and printer rooms, bedroom and living room areas, computers, and landlines.

The Smith Investigation Agency only uses the most sophisticated and accurate counter-surveillance equipment and tools available today. Our team is staffed with highly trained industry experts who have extensive knowledge and capabilities to identify and disable a full range of modern, complex devices that could be threatening your security.

Each assignment is unique to the client. Depending on the type of risk, our fees will be quoted as hourly or as flat rates. Regardless of the type of fee, you will know all of the costs upfront, with no hidden or extra charges.

The length of time is largely dependent on the number and size of each area to be serviced. In most cases, you can expect the sweep to take between a few hours to a few days to complete.

When you employ our company, you’ll be hiring fully trained and highly capable experts for your TSCM services. Our experts have a proven track record of detecting and quickly eliminating threats from all types of locations and situations. When you hire the Smith Investigation Agency, you’ll be partnering with an award-winning team that is one of the most respected providers in all of Canada.

Our team can perform a wide range of TCSM services including eavesdropping detection, wiretap and camera detection, anti-surveillance services, and technical security. We also offer a multitude of services that can help you identify the source of the threat, as well as other surveillance and investigative needs, such as corporate investigations, background checks, skip tracing services, family and private investigations, risk management and fraud investigations, trademark investigations, and asset searches, to name a few.

We have worked with clients across all industries, agencies, and provinces. We can arrange references to be provided to you. You can also speak directly to some of our clients. Just ask!

A major red flag is in the form of private conversations being repeated to you that almost nobody else should be aware of or have access to. On the corporate side of things, perhaps potential customers are being diverted to competitors who don’t provide what you do. Or, maybe you suddenly have access to data that can negatively impact another person, group or local business. There are many indicators of whether you’re being spied on electronically, so above all else, keep an eye out for anything suspicious. It is harder than ever to remain confidential in an always-online world where technologies change rapidly. However, reaching out to the experts for countermeasure services is a proactive thing to do.

Clients who select The Smith Investigation Agency’s TSCM services experience a range of proactivity-focused benefits. These include improved detection of unauthorized access and data mining, protection of employee and/or household privacy, and enhanced digital security by way of active monitoring. Our bug sweepers work hard to ensure your sensitive or personal information stays where you want it to be – and nowhere else. Advance detection and risk identification offer a window of opportunity to protect your assets before they are compromised, helping to satisfy due diligence and regulatory requirements.

It depends. Essentially anyone can be targeted, but the question is whether you have any information or specialized access to data that would be valuable to other people or organizations. For instance, industries such as tech sectors and healthcare are more frequently the targets of electronic eavesdropping. Specific candidates can include political figures, popular local CEOs and other high-profile individuals. All in all, the best approach is to be careful about what you make public online or store on your computer.

First off, be sure to reach out to us straight away. Our bug sweeping team can get to work once we discuss your situation in a confidential, secure manner. Afterwards, remove any sensitive files that haven’t been accessed and store them either on a hard drive or offline. Otherwise, go about your daily business as usual to avoid raising suspicion, and make comprehensive notes of every abnormal activity you notice. We will work closely with you to determine whether an eavesdropping device has infiltrated your property and advise you discreetly on next steps. You should also be careful about sharing confidential information with others at this time until we get to the root of the problem.

Key warning signs that you’re being spied on often come in the form of hidden devices. Are you noticing things that weren’t there before? GPS trackers, wiretapping, mini voice recorders, cell phone bugs, Wi-Fi network intrusions, hacking, spy cams, and other risks should quickly be addressed by reaching out to certified counterespionage professionals. We’re here to help protect your best interests.

Aside from the benefits above, in the long term, you can experience a range of improvements in profitability, security effectiveness and privacy protection. There will be a reduction of losses stemming from espionage attempts with more of them being deflected, and your intellectual property is kept safe as well. Employee morale and even performance can improve as a result of fewer concerns over whether their security or information is at risk.

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