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After seeing an absence of quality private investigation agencies in Northern Ontario, The Smith Investigation Agency opened our Sudbury, Ontario location! We are a company that not only believes in placing client satisfaction as paramount but in consistently providing superior results.

What Do We Investigate?

Insurance Litigation Services

According to a study released by the Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CCAIF), the property and casualty insurance industry paid an estimated $500 million for personal injury insurance claims that contained some form of fraud in 2014 alone. Some may be surprised to hear that the province of Ontario is also home to the one of the highest instances of auto insurance fraud across Canada — a major contributor to Ontario drivers paying some of higher premiums across the country. Due to these staggering numbers, we are committed to lowering the numbers, and have thus become experts in assisting insurance companies in reducing risk and loss due to fraud.

The Smith Investigation Agency stands firmly on obtaining not only High-Quality HD-4K video results on every file, but surpassing the delivery standards of any other investigative firm. We will continually go above and beyond to ensure premium video results and comprehensive reports following an investigation.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

The professional space is increasingly vulnerable to various forms of fraud, as well as prohibited and even criminal behaviour on the part of employees. The Smith Investigation Agency is committed to helping businesses but monitoring processes in place in order to mitigate these risks.

Your employees are a direct reflection of your business, The Smith Investigation Agency would like to help you ensure your business is putting its best face forward. We can assist in monitoring fraud, workplace injuries, employee theft, workplace narcotics abuse, workplace harassment, excessive absenteeism, theft of clients and trade secrets, workplace vandalism and a wide variety of other forms of unlawful activity and misconduct.

Our private investigative teams have proven results for businesses and corporations, including reduced operating costs, boosting earnings and productivity, better protection of assets and a reduced exposure to avoidable risk and liabilities.

Witness Statement & Harassment Investigations

Our team of witness interview experts has a wide background with the RCMP, military, and police detective units, and are trained in the use of professional interrogation techniques and police interrogation tactics. The Smith Investigation Agency can assist with pre-investigative interviews, independent witness interviews, investigation interviews, preparing a witness for the defense, interviewing suspects, locating a reluctant witness, helping in harassment investigations, assisting in workplace investigations and victim statements, and investigative interviewing.

Our team of experts has assisted some of Canada’s most elite companies in their internal investigation and interrogations. Bringing in a third party is a safe choice in order to avoid any conflict of interest that may occur, and help ensure a fair interview process.

Risk Management & Fraud Investigations

The Anti-Fraud Centre recently reported that in 2014, 41,019 people issued complaints of fraudulent activity or being victims of scams. Of this number, 13,701 people were found to have legitimate claims of fraud with a total dollar loss of $74,387,465.23 in Canada alone.

Having knowledge of these results, we committed to helping these numbers decline. Our Risk Management and Anti-Fraud unit in Sudbury focuses on identifying the potential risks in a situation and providing a strategic way forward based on your customized objectives.

If you are a member of the general public and believe you have been a victim of fraud, allow us to assess the situation and provide you with a clear picture of your options. Our fraud investigation department handles a wide variety of claims, ranging from small to large sums, and are always up for a challenge.

Family & Private Investigations

There is a common misconception of the role behind a private investigator. As private investigators, we offer a variety of services and employ investigations through a wide variety of tactics and strategies. As investigators, we receive calls for many reasons, but in recent years, we have seen a a steady increase in spousal infidelity and matrimonial investigations.

The Smith Investigation Agency wants to ensure clients of all walks of life have access to the best private investigators and the chance to receive peace of mind. If you believe your spouse is cheating, contact our private investigative team today for a free consultation! Our private investigators are discreet, professional, and they maintain the utmost in confidentiality.

Skip Trace & Investigative Research

Our clients have experienced a high degree of success through conducting background checks, pre-employment screening, and skip tracing. Although the majority of our skip trace services are conducted for businesses, lawyers, and various companies, we also offer our skip tracing tools to the public.

If you own or run a business and want continued growth, consistently monitoring and having first-hand knowledge of who you are hiring, who works for you is indispensable and could save you trouble in the future. If you are a landlord looking to find a tenant who has abandoned your residence, or you need to collect money owing, we can assist! Our skip tracing tools combined with our expert skip search team will ensure you get the information you need.

Need to locate someone? Our locate services are quick and efficient as well as reasonably priced. Our turnaround time for background checks, skip trace and locate services is 1-2 business days.

Need a private investigator? Contact us directly for a confidential consultation

Private Investigation Services in Northern Ontario

Although our office is located in Sudbury, we also service the surrounding areas in Northern Ontario, including: Parry Sound, Bancroft, Espanola, Elliot Lake, and Sault Ste. Marie. We have investigators throughout Ontario who are highly-skilled and possess the highest degree of integrity.


The Smith Investigation Agency now also offers AIR MILES® Reward Miles for all of our investigative services, as a thank you to our wonderful clients.


There are some common misconceptions around the private investigator profession. In Ontario, according to the MCSCS, we cannot legally present ourselves as a private detectives, so be sure to keep this in mind when sourcing professionals across the province.

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