Investigative Services Customer Reviews

“A terrific experience with this company, very prompt responses and fast turnaround to get me the information i was seeking. the report i received contained all the information i needed to proceed with legal proceedings. Thank you Whitney for all your help!”

- Elsy

“I hired The Smith Investigation Agency last month and was very happy with their service and results. Whitney and her team were fast, discreet, confidential, and uncovered the information I needed. I would definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend this agency. Thanks, Whitney!”

- Chris

“I was reluctant to take this route however after hiring The Smith Investigation Agency, I was glad I did. They provided me with the information I needed. They were professional honest and presented great integrity. I was satisfied with the answers they provided to my questions. They obtained facts and kept my case real.
I would highly recommend this agency should you be looking for efficient and detailed work on your behalf.”

- Linda

Private Investigator Student Reviews

“I found the course to be very comprehensive and easy to follow, it definitely gave me the necessary tools to successfully pass the private investigations exam the first time. Considering that you need 77% to pass the exam and the fact that I have not been in school for a few years makes it easy for me to conclude that it is one of the better courses out there. The live assistance was extremely efficient and I found the instructors to be very pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wants to pass the P.I. exam the first time with confidence.”

- Richard

“If you’re looking for a great PI training program in Ontario without breaking the bank, then you must contact the Smith investigation Agency. From experience, they were professional, courteous and quickly responded to questions I had arising from the PI training. I would definitely recommend this agency to any individual wanting to endeavor in the field of private investigation. Great service!”

- Pierre

“I would like to say the process in signing up for a PI course through Smith Investigation Agency was very smooth and no bumps between. If any small issues arose, they were quick to respond via email within minutes if not seconds. I have currently completed the PI course through this agency and it was of great help and definitely a great course I would suggest to anyone choosing a career path in the security guard or investigative field.”

- Raj

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