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The Smith Investigation Agency is one of the most respected private investigator firms in the Greater Toronto Area, with proven results and years of expertise. We have completed over 2,500 surveillance related files as well as over 2,500 files related to background checks, locating and skip trace services. We are also a female-led Investigative Agency accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. The Smith Investigation Agency has won several prestigious awards, including the Consumers Choice Award for the Best Private Investigation Company in Toronto.


Our team is continually working on our skill level to ensure we are performing at our best on every file, and we have a standard like nobody else in the industry; we think differently. Our team has the experience, knowledge, integrity and discretion you need and deserve when it comes to your investigation.

What Do We Investigate?


Corporate & Legal

Suspicious and inappropriate behaviour happens in any business. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in a difficult situation and face it alone. If you need expert investigative services, turn to us. Our team can help you minimize your risks and protect your assets.  We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to protect your brand and bottom line. The Smith Investigation Agency’s professional and discreet approach to corporate and civil investigations enables for you to focus on your business while we get to the root of the issue, identify it and present our findings to you.

Family Investigations

The well-being of your family is important to you. Safeguard it with our private investigative services. We’ll interview individuals with critical data, consult documentation and photographic evidence, and compile in-depth reports for your convenience and peace of mind. Our private investigators work discreetly and professionally to deliver the most accurate results possible. If you believe there is suspicious activity unfolding that could jeopardize your household’s safety or welfare, The Smith Investigation Agency can help. There may be more to the story than you know, and we can unearth it with discretion and a fine attention to detail.

Investigative Research:

Skip Trace Services

We have a 98 per cent success rate with skip trace and skip searching services, and with a robust team of experienced investigative experts, we can complete a full locate, background check or skip search within a few business days. We have the best skip tracing tools to obtain the information you need, and we are dedicated to continually exceeding the private investigative industry standard. You can begin your skip trace online just by filling out our general assignment form. For more information on fees and pricing, please call (647) 479-8474. Currently, we do not offer process serving. However, we can suggest a variety of reputable process serving companies.

We have completed over 2,500 surveillance related files and maintain the experience, integrity and discretion you need in your investigation. Start with trust with The Smith Investigation Agency.

Background Checks

As the population in Toronto and the GTA continues to expand, the need for private investigative services has naturally increased. As there has been such a demand in the private investigation industry, our team of investigative professionals has seen a notable amount of growth in the past five years. Our background checks are an integral part of ensuring this growth is healthy, enabling for employers and landlords to verify that they are dealing with honest, law-abiding individuals who pose no threat. We perform comprehensive background investigations that analyze an individual’s work history, financial stability, outstanding warrants or previous criminal charges, and other factors. We will deliver our findings to you for more peace of mind in knowing the truth.


Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re a small start-up business or a major enterprise, your social media presence is invaluable. The Smith Investigation Agency can perform extensive monitoring and investigative services to verify digitally-stored information – even if it’s not even online anymore. Our various forms of reporting enable for the offline preservation of crucial pieces of evidence to benefit your case, and we perform deep dives on the web to secure as much factual data as possible. Your online image and reputation deserve the finest, most discreet social media monitoring, which makes our Aurora team at The Smith Investigation Agency an ideal solution.


Risk management is all about being accurate, precise, detail-focused and responding quickly enough to mitigate as much damage as possible. This is the philosophy behind our fraud protection services, which can benefit everyone from business owners being blackmailed to a young couple being financially manipulated by controlling family members. In our many years of experience, we’ve learned that literally anything can happen, and we apply this principle to our in-depth investigative services. You will learn the precise details of what is transpiring, who is perpetrating it and more. The Smith Investigation Agency’s data-focused approach enables for the collection of concrete evidence that can protect you more efficiently, giving you the information needed to pursue an ideal outcome.

And More…

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Private Investigator Services in Toronto

The Smith Investigation Agency’s Toronto office is conveniently located in Midtown Toronto at Yonge & Eglinton. Our team is continually working on our skill level to ensure we are performing at our best on every file, and we have a standard like nobody else in the industry; we think differently. Our team has the experience, knowledge, integrity and discretion you need in your investigation.


Disclaimer: The Smith Investigation Agency works in accordance with Ontario’s MCSCS. Therefore, it is important to know that we refer to ourselves as private investigators rather than detectives, as the latter is inaccurate and prohibited by law.  Please be aware of this before deciding to work with an investigation agency.

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