Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services

Hire Smith Investigation Agency for all your Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Services, also known as “electronic bug sweeps.” Our team has highly trained and educated TSCM Specialists with 30+ years experience. We work with you whether it is for small residential or large corporate environments. TSCM services provide the protection of privacy and confidential or proprietary information from acts of physical or electronic surveillance (eavesdropping) and espionage. Our team offers national and international technical security, operational security, cyber security and intelligence-related backgrounds.

Use TSCM services to prevent breaches of privacy and mitigate the risk of future potential compromise. We provide targeted customized solutions designed for the specific requirements and technical security needs of each individual client with the highest trained and most experienced TSCM Specialists and operational teams. We provide accurate information and adequately perform the survey/inspection services with our equipment and techniques.

The Smith Investigation Agency provides a unique combination of specialized targeted services developed specifically for the needs of its customers. We believe in an educated and informed client and our approach has always been to provide accurate, realistic, and detailed information to all of our customers.

Our team provides sophisticated, customized technical security solutions and effective counter surveillance strategies and programs for assignments of any complexity or threat level whether they include single or multiple locations anywhere in Canada or internationally. We deal with each area separately and coordinate all services required while significantly reducing travel costs, equipment problems, and many other unique issues associated with international or distant travel operations, managing the entire process. Each individual assignment will have its own unique environment and circumstances that will dictate the scope of work and approach. Do not be left in a vulnerable position with no clear direction.

Our services have no hidden or added fees such as initial consultation charges. All fees for services are included in our flat rates, so you know what your cost will be up-front with no surprises. All phone calls and questions both before and after any services performed are provided at no extra charge.

Clients will contract TSCM services during high-risk events such as confidential meetings, during times of labour negotiations, legal matters, personal circumstances, or business deals and acquisitions. Others will also conduct periodic inspections as a matter of due diligence. Businesses should also consider TSCM services after building modifications (new constructions or any activity that provides relatively unsupervised access to a target location).

Possible signs of compromise may include:

  • Other parties are aware of confidential information.
  • Information during private meetings or conversations has become public.
  • Your activities are known to people when they shouldn’t be.
  • Static or popping sounds on your phone lines.
  • Noise from phones that are not in use.
  • Tones or high-pitched sounds heard when the phone is picked up.
  • Televisions or radios begin exhibiting interference.
  • A break-in has occurred, but nothing is taken.
  • Electrical and light switch wall plates have been tampered with.
  • Gifts from vendors, customers, or friends, or strange objects appearing without your knowledge.
  • Drywall or ceiling tile debris is visible on desks, tables or floors.
  • Ceiling tiles are broken or out of place.
  • Unknown vehicles appear nearby and remain suspiciously.
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