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Located just north of Toronto, Vaughan and Concord make up one of the largest and fastest growing cities in the Greater Toronto Area. If you live in the area and need private investigative services, our local team has you covered. The Smith Investigation Agency is a female owned private investigation agency that maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With years of expertise and proven results, we’ve worked through over 3,000 background check files and 3,000 surveillance cases. As one of the most respected national private investigator firms in the GTA, The Smith Investigation Agency has won the Best Private Investigation Company in Toronto Award and the Consumer’s Choice Award for two consecutive years.

Our Investigative Services:

We think differently. Our team believes in keeping and setting high standards within the investigative industry. We work tirelessly to make continuous improvements to the investigative process. From working on our private investigative skills to learning about new industry tools and techniques, our team knows the value of working at our best on every case.


Corporate & Legal

It’s unfortunate, but we’re seeing plenty of organizations that get taken advantage of on a daily basis. From fraud to theft, this can include both businesses and lawyers. Our experienced Vaughn and Concord team of private investigators will work with you to develop an action plan to stop any bad behavior in its tracks. The investigation will pinpoint any issues and give you the evidence you need to take action—legal or otherwise. Always compliant, our team is discreet and will keep all information completely confidential. So, whether you are a local business or law firm, our professional team of private investigators will provide the help you need to protect your bottom line.

Family Investigations

We know how important family is to you. We also know how important your family’s safety and well-being is, and that there are many different types of family investigations. You might be dealing with a child custody battle and want to make sure your child is well taken care of when you’re not around. Perhaps you suspect your spouse is having an affair. We understand that many situations (like these) can cause emotional distress. Know that our compassionate team of Vaughn and Concord private investigators can and will help you through the rough patches.

The Smith Investigation Agency works with families for many different reasons. If you need help, contact us today. We have the skill and agility needed to adjust our services to work with your specific situation.

Investigative Research:

Background Checks

In big cities like Vaughan and Concord, background checks aren’t just optional, they’re necessary. With an increase in employee and online fraud, and dating scams, it’s important to run background checks to better understand who you’re really dealing with on a daily basis. Our team of private investigators will customize background checks based on your needs. We even offer free consultations to give you the opportunity to tell our experts exactly what you want us to look for in a background check. A background check will give you the peace of mind to make informed decisions about the people you’re allowing to care for your children, who you’re spending time with, hiring and more.

Locates and Skip Tracing

The Smith Investigation Agency maintains an impressive 98% skip trace rate, over thousands of files. So, if you’re looking for a dedicated skip trace private investigator, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got access to a national private investigative skip tracing team, which means that we have access to more information across the country compared to other Canadian skip tracing agencies. We only work with experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful investigators, making our skip tracing private investigation services invaluable. In addition, if you need to serve someone, our team can offer you a list of good process servers in the Vaughn and Concord area.

Additional Services:

Social Media

Monitoring social media is a great way to gather evidence against an employee working for both small or large businesses. Legal firms often require this type of service as well. Our professional and experienced team of private investigators can run extensive monitoring investigations to verify digitally stored information. This monitoring is done regardless of whether the information is online or removed. Our private investigators will also complete a deep web dive. This insures we obtain as much information as is available. The report our team will provide will help you gain access to important details that you can use to support your case.


The need for risk management against fraudulent activity is becoming more and more necessary every day. Our fraud management services aim to benefit private individuals, lawyers, business owners and more. The Smith Investigation Agency’s goal is to be precise, detail focused and accurate. Achieving these goals ensures that you mitigate as much damage to yourself or your business as possible. Our private investigators have decades of experience, which means we know that anything can happen at any time. When it comes to fraud management, we can show you what has happened (or is happening) and find the perpetrator. The evidence and information we provide will protect you and also enable you to make important decisions about what happens next.

And More…

For a full list of services, please visit our services page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Ask A Private Investigator To Do?

Private Investigators most commonly help with locating individuals or fleeing debtors, in addition to monitoring individuals or companies to report on actions, verifying information about a potential fraud or cheating spouse, reviewing suspicious claims, and we also assist in investigations related to child custody and welfare cases. We specialize in corporate, insurance, trademark, risk management, fraud, family and private investigations, as well as asset searches, background checks, investigative research, and skip tracing.

How Do You Obtain The Information?

At The Smith Investigation Agency, we use state-of-the-art technology and investigative skills to complete our cases. This can include skip tracing to find missing individuals, social media monitoring, background checks, asset searches, pre-employment screening, surveillance measures, technical surveillance countermeasure services and GPS tracking, to name a few.

Is Hiring A PI legal?

Yes. Private Investigators only use legal means to obtain information. Private Investigators have legal permission to track a person’s whereabouts and monitor their actions. 

Are Your PIs Licensed?

The Smith Investigation Agency PIs are fully licensed, have undergone rigorous training and have passed an approved Investigator Training Course with a score above 80% on the provincial final exam. Each of our agents is also required to comply with the rules and regulations that are set out by the Security Services and Investigators Act guidelines by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. Our PIs also have extensive law enforcement experience and specialized training.

What Can’t A PI Do?

Under the law, PIs cannot wiretap a phone without the individual’s consent, nor can they enter onto someone’s private property if they are not authorized to do so. This includes reading other people’s mail or breaking into someone’s car. PIs are also not authorized to arrest anyone, however, they can take legal steps to stop a crime.

Can A PI Be Used To Testify In Court?

In some circumstances, a PI can be called upon to testify in court if the information they obtained is relevant to the case. In these cases, they will be asked to present the findings.

How Do Private Investigators Charge For Services?

Each circumstance is unique in nature. The approximate cost for services will depend on your exact needs. For instance, our research-based services are charged at a flat rate with no hidden fees. For larger jobs that involve more in-depth research or surveillance, we may charge an hourly rate depending on your case. Once we determine your needs, we will provide you with a transparent and upfront quote for services before we start. 

Is There Any Risk Of People Finding Out I Hired A PI?

No. Your case will remain fully confidential, and our services will be conducted in a completely discreet manner. 

Are Professional Investigators Worth It?

Yes. You may be tempted to hire a cheaper investigator, but they will likely be inexperienced and cost more in the long run. If you need the PI to testify in court, you will also want a highly experienced PI on your side who knows the ins and outs of the law and investigation process.

Need a private investigator? Contact us directly for a confidential consultation.

Private Investigator Services in Vaughan & Concord

The Smith Investigation Agency’s services are available in Vaughan & Concord. We employ private investigators for professional, discreet and dependable operation throughout Saskatchewan, each of which has exceptional training and refined abilities to ensure absolute integrity and competency. We are also pleased to offer AIR MILES Reward Miles for all our investigation services. Please speak to your consultant at check-out for further details.

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