Who is the Best Private Investigator in Toronto?

Who is the Best Private Investigator in Toronto?

We know searching for the right company to assist in your investigative services is very important. No matter the needs for your investigation you need the most discreet private investigator possible. The Ministry of Community Safety & Correction Services, the agency that holds our licenses, updated the list of licensed agencies in beginning of 2017. In Ontario alone, there are 753 licensed business entities offering investigations and security guard services. That is a very large variety of companies offering services, and any one of them can say they are the best. So how do you know who really is and how can you pick the experienced from the not experienced?

Google Search- how long has the company been open?

When you search for a private investigator, see how much of an online presence the companies have. If you have to search through 10 pages to find them, then they may not be as established as you would like which could also mean they are not as experienced. Companies who have been around a long time are found online easier and have a large web presence. You can also view the company online on various platforms including LinkedIn and see where their previous experience lies. If they say on their website they have 20 years experience and their LinkedIn shows they worked for someone else up until that year then you know they are not being truthful about their level experience.

What type of file do you have?

Are you looking for skip tracing, back ground check, or surveillance services?  Look on their website and read their reviews to ensure their service and recommendations line up with the service you are looking for. I know hundreds of companies that offer skip trace service and yet have no ability to offer the service as far as access to databases and other essential research resources.

Do they have rewards?

A reward does not guarantee a company is good, but it does show that someone has recognized them in their industry as superior to others in services offered. This is important to focus on to ensure you are working with companies with a good reputation and tie to the community.

Accomplishments, degrees, specialties, and training

When you are searching for a company ask who the owner or team members are and you can search them on LinkedIn for any qualifications, degrees, and training they may have that qualifies them for the services they are offering. You can also find professional recommendations on LinkedIn which can help make a decision for you.


Another great way to determine if a company is more legitimate or qualified is the type of organizations they belong to. For instance, in Ontario, we have CPIO (council of private investigators) in Canada we have several including CPIRC (Canadian private investigator resource center), ASIS, etc. As well as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and more. The more reputable associations a company belongs to again lean on the type of company they are. If you are a company who is out to scam or not provide the most legitimate services, then you would not want to put the time and money into organizations because some can hold you accountable for your actions and have ways to expose your actions if they are not honourable.

Promotional products or videos

From our experience, most companies who have a good reputation and take pride in their work are not afraid to show it. Ask to see work or for recommendations from previous clients showing the success you have had on files etc.


In today’s day and age, reviews can be very important at showing a company credibility, customer service, etc. How some companies are known to fake reviews for themselves and even leave fake reviews for others in the industry in order to make their company look legitimate. If you see dozens or hundreds of reviews be very cautious to this as you can imagine that people do not like to always leave reviews in our industry as its private so for instance if you see a company with over 100 reviews or ever less read the reviews but click on the person who wrote the reviews if they do not have profile pictures and this was their only review it is almost a guarantee that the review is fake and the company is paying for those reviews. Legitimate reviews are easy to find if you just look.

We see all too often people end up working with Private Investigative Agencies who just do not have the experience needed or ability to complete certain files.

If you are looking for skip trace investigators, background check investigators, asset searching investigators etc. You need to be certain to do your homework on those companies we spend thousands a year for access to some of the best systems and databases in Canada and worldwide to be able to find, locate and obtain information on individuals. There are very few companies with this ability mostly due to extremely high costs of these systems. But if you need a background check or other research and you need in depth searches, then you cannot afford to have an inexperienced company completing your searches.

If you need any investigative services our team is highly qualified and offers quality, integrity, and transparency in all of our files and services.

If you would like investigative services completed please feel free to contact our office with any question. info@smithinvestigationagency.com

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