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Are Women More Prone to Cheating Than Men?

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Studies have shown that men are far more likely to cheat than women, especially as they age. However, researchers believe this may not represent the full picture. That’s because men are more prone to casual and reckless cheating that is easier to spot, whereas women are much better at hiding it, as the costs of being caught are usually much higher. Often when a woman is caught cheating, it can result in the loss of their children, reputation, financial security, and it can even result in violence. The truth of the matter is, both men and women cheat. But the question is how do you figure out if your spouse is being unfaithful? Here are some signs to look out for.

Secretive Behaviour

Does your spouse suddenly have a lock code on their phone or laptop? Do they clear their browser history or hide their bank account statements? Have they started taking phone calls outside more frequently? If your partner has suddenly started to be more secretive with their behaviour, it’s a red flag. 

New Schedule

If your spouse used to always come home at five o’clock and now they’ve started to stay out late, you should question why. If you start hearing excuses that don’t add up or if they are always unreachable when you try to call, it could be a sign that they are cheating on you. 

Changes in Sexual Activity

Gradual decreases in sexual activity in a marriage can be normal, but if there are abrupt changes to your sex life, there might be another underlying cause. Less sex could mean your partner is focused on someone else. A sudden increase in sexual activity could be a sign of a recent spike in libido as they are getting sex more often. 

They Blame You for Everything

Couples bicker and sometimes lay blame, but if your partner has become hostile towards you lately for no reason, you should find out why.  Often when someone is cheating, they will try to justify it to themselves by deflecting and blaming you for not being affectionate enough or appreciative. If you feel as if you’re being blamed for everything, it could be a sign you are being pushed away.

Trips Without You

Has your spouse been invited to a number of weekend getaways with their friends where you’re not invited? Have they been asked to go on a week-long business trip but their job usually doesn’t involve travel? Any trips out of the norm and without you could be a sign that they are cheating.

Even if your significant other displays all the signs above, it’s still possible that they’re not cheating. The only way to really find out without damaging your relationship is to hire a private investigator to do some surveillance. Reach out to us today at The Smith Investigation Agency and we’ll help you find out what is really going on.

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